27 wildly relatable memes about toddlers

Welcome to my life. Toddlers are a unique and relentless kind of wacked.

By Jessica Pollack

27 wildly relatable memes about toddlers

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Your two-year-old asked for the blue cup... and you gave them the blue cup? You silly, naive fool. They didn't actually want the blue cup. They wanted the green cup. No wait, the pink cup. Or no cup. Actually, their water bottle. Not the orange one, the pink one. Oh wait, they'll drink the rest of your can of Perrier, thank you very much. Yah, that's it. *brain explodes*

Toddlers are a wacky bunch, unburdened by common courtesy, emotional restraint, rational thinking and the like. They want what they want when they want it, whether it's a mouth full of bathwater or a security toilet plunger. But they're also the most hilarious little creatures in the world. Cue the memes! We've rounded up the most LOL and eerily accurate depictions of toddlerdom. Enjoy.

Also so. much. urine.

She had a berry good night.

Not gonna lie, wasn't the best weekend.

Oh crap, that's a new one.

No shame + stolen phone = potty training camera roll party

Send coffee and prayers.

This is why we stress-eat 'til 2 a.m.

Toddlers always bring the drama.


Wait until you hear mommy's Sunday night grunts.

Don't forget the stickers. So many stickers. Everywhere.

Is there a PhD for mess-making?

That last bit of havoc I wreaked was particularly exhausting.

Who knew so many fights would be about sticks?!

And from that day forth, they knew everything about everything.

Small but terrifying.


Tonight's the night!

I'm a monster.

Oh, and a little wine if you're so inclined.

Here comes the flood.

If I can't see you there's no way you can see me.

Not so fast.

Uh oh.

As always, your trash is your toddler's treasure.

They really do get in the way of your plans, don't they.

Hit me.

This article was originally published on Apr 12, 2022

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