This climbing wall is no match for this daring toddler

Watch this toddler scale a climbing wall!

This climbing wall is no match for this daring toddler

The thought of climbing a rock wall makes me go weak in the knees. But I’ve been put to shame by this fearless 19-month-old, easily scales this mini-rock wall. You go, kid!

Her mom posted the video of her daring toddler to her Facebook wall, and it’s pretty amazing. You can see her little mind trying to work out where to put her foot next—you’re never too young to start problem solving.

Now, many commenters are questioning if rock climbing is safe for a toddler. Does she need a harness? Should she be wearing a helmet? But her mom, who is also a nurse, says there was a spotter watching her the whole time and that this is a perfectly safe height for her age group.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.43.23 PM

Most toddlers just want to climb all over everything, so it’s pretty awesome that these parents are letting her climb in a safe environment. Look at her go—watch the video here.

This article was originally published on Jun 30, 2015

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