Our Frida Baby Potty Review REALLY Impressed Us

Is it weird to say we're obsessed with a toddler potty? We are though.

Our Frida Baby Potty Review REALLY Impressed Us

Lauren Harden

One of the biggest parenting milestones is undoubtedly potty training. It's an exciting and frustrating time for many families as they make the transition from diapers to underwear. While there are a ton of potties on the market to help, the newest and most comprehensive might be the Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit. Here's our review.

What is the Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit?

The Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit is brand-new from the beloved mom and baby line and includes everything parents and toddlers need to succeed at potty training. Because hey—poo happens—and it should be contained in a toilet.

The set comes with the brand's 3-in-1 Grow With Me Potty, Poo + Pee Potty Liners, Potty Messy Mats, and, maybe best of all, a potty training guide written in collaboration with Dr. Becky of Good Inside.

The set also comes in a box with all the essentials to get the entire family started on their potty-training journey.

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What are the best Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit features?

The Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit is a great kit to start off with because it comes with everything you need to get started. The 3-1-in Grow With Me Potty grows with your child as they get used to using the toilet. Children start off using the potty on the floor, then, as they grow and or get more comfortable with the experience, the potty topper moves to the real toilet. This versatility promises a more comfortable experience no matter the age, size or stage.

Additionally, it has a two-tiered stepstool to make getting to the real toilet easier for children who are developmentally ready to take that step. The stepstool is also great for getting children to the right height for washing their hands after going.

We love the included liners for those that want them, as well as a messy mat to put on the floor beneath the 3-in-1 Grow With Me Potty. Finally, the simple guide co-authored by Dr. Becky has great, concise advice for parents who are looking for guidance.

My Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit review


I've tested a few potty-training products, and I love how everything comes together in one kit here. The brand's kits are already a favorite—Frida Baby's Postpartum Recovery Kit was a godsend after I gave birth and a must-have on every newborn checklist. This potty kit is no exception. My child loves the potty topper because it's nice and squishy, and the potty and stepstool are the right height for her.

Everything in this kit is included, which means I don't have to buy lots of different things from lots of different brands or sites. The kit promotes her independence, which I think is an important part of potty training.

We're only starting our potty training journey, so the tips for potty training from Dr. Becky have been really helpful. It's manageable and doesn't feel overwhelming.

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On a personal note, I love the liners that fit securely in and around the potty. It's an option that most toddler potties on the market just don't offer, and worth the price tag if you're the squeamish type.


It's a potty for all ages under six years old or so. It makes cleanup easy for caregivers and smoothly transitions from early stages to bigger kid-appropriate when the potty becomes a toilet preschoolers and kindergartners would happily use.

Where to buy the Frida Baby Potty

You can buy the Frida Baby All-in-One Potty Kit from Amazon where it retails for $60. Additionally, each part is sold separately, so you can buy the 3-in-1 Grow With Me Potty, Poo + Pee Potty Liners and more to keep all over your house.

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