8 Best Toddler Scooters 2024

Get ready to zoom—these toddler scooters are the MOST fun.

8 Best Toddler Scooters 2024


Outdoor playtime for little ones means chalk, bubbles, toddler bikes and yup—scooters. There are tons of styles on the market, so we've done the work to help you narrow down which toddler scooter might be right for your kiddo. (And don't forget the helmet!) Here are some of the best toddler scooters if you're looking for one.

What to look for in the best toddler scooter

When looking for a toddler scooter, you'll first want to make sure that any option you consider is toddler size. These are much smaller in scale and lighter than scooters made for older kids. Look for a wide base for them to practice getting the hang of balancing rather than a thin one. Consider things like being adjustable or foldable, depending on your child and your lifestyle.

Most importantly, look for toddler scooters that are good for children two to five; these are often called kick scooters.


The best toddler scooters 2024

Choosing the best toddler scooter doesn't have to be hard. These models are specifically targeted for the age range of 18 months through about six years old and include light-up versions, foldable ones and adjustable handle bars.

Best overall

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe, best toddler scooters Merchant

This toddler scooter is known as one of the best out there, with thousands of parents giving it an average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon. It has three wheels and allows toddlers to learn to scoot with its lean-to-steer feature. The platform is wide and the handlebars are adjustable as your child grows in height.

It's lightweight and can hold up to 110 pounds—perfect for a younger kid just getting their footing. There's also a two-year manufacturer's warranty. Two larger front wheels and a tiny steer-focused rear wheel make this a solid and safe choice, and one of our favorite types of scooters overall.


  • No assembly required
  • Comes in many colors
  • Highly-rated
  • The lean-to-steer style allows children to learn to scoot
  • Adjustable heights


  • Pricey, but worth every penny

Best budget

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter, best toddler scooters Merchant

This affordable scooter is great for beginners who need an extra wide base to work on balance and coordination while riding a scooter. It's basically a skateboard's magical hybrid with a toddler scooter, and darn it, we think it's downright magical and a breeze to ride for even the youngest toddlers.

There are three wheels and working steering to help kids maneuver correctly. The maximum weight capacity is 50 pounds and this scooter is best for kids two to five years old, though reviewers happily brag about kids as young as 18 months loving it. It comes in red and pink and is a brilliant, more affordable alternative to the Maxi Deluxe scooter that costs a pretty penny.

It's an affordable choice that's also Amazon bestseller thanks to clever safety-focused features and an eye-catching bright red hue.


  • Lightweight
  • Wide base for toddlers just learning to scooter
  • Comes in red and pink
  • Easy for toddlers as young as 18 months old to get the hang of
  • Amazon bestseller
  • Affordable price point


  • Handlebars are not adjustable

Best light-up

Kicksy Kids Scooter

Kicksy Kids Scooter, best toddler scooters Merchant


Kids who love light-up stuff will go wild for this light-up scooter. It has three LED lights that add a bit of fun to scootering. It has three wheels that light up and it's easy to assemble. Kids can learn to steer by leaning, and the handlebars are adjustable as your child grows.

The weight limit is 110 pounds so your toddler can use it as they get older, too. Versatility was one of our most important factors when choosing the best scooters for kids, and this model knocked it out of the ballpark.


  • Light up wheels
  • Lean-to-steer feature
  • Comes in five colors
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Easy to assemble


  • More sensitive to turns and speed, so be sure to wear your helmet!

Best rated

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter

Razor lil'kick scooter, best toddler scooters Merchant

The Razor Lil'Kick Scooter is a great option for those who know and love the Razor brand and want to pass that love on to their toddlers. It has an extra-wide, slip-resistant platform for little feet to get used to scootering. Over 8,000 parents and caregivers have rated it on Amazon, saying that it's sturdy and easy to assemble.


Instead of small wheels, this sturdy option features three larger-than-average clear-hued wheels that offer added traction, stability and style. This promises a smooth ride while the rear fender brake ensures quick, easy and safe stopping.

"I am absolutely thrilled with the pink Razor scooter," shares Meg, a verified Amazon purchaser. "This was a Christmas gift for my 2-year-old daughter, and it has quickly become her favorite outdoor activity. The color is vibrant and fun, and the scooter is incredibly sturdy and well-built."

She continues, "It's also lightweight, making it easy for her to maneuver. The adjustable handlebars are a great feature, ensuring that it will grow with her. It's been a joy to see her confidence and skills improve while using this scooter. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the product, and I highly recommend it to any parent looking for a safe, durable, and enjoyable scooter for their child."


  • Highly-rated on Amazon
  • Choose from eye-catching blue and pink color options
  • Easy to assemble
  • 45-pound weight-limit
  • We liked this better than the popular Micro Maxi Deluxe model


  • Handlebar height is not adjustable

Best Walmart

Zycom Zipper 3-Wheel Lumen LED Light-up Kids Scooter

Zycom Zipper 3 Wheel Lumen LED Light-up Kids Scooter, best toddler scooters at Walmart Merchant

Toddlers will love this light-up scooter, available at Walmart. It has a light-up bar, motion-activated light-up wheels and pivot steering for a smooth and fun ride. Maxing out at 44 pounds, it's great for toddlers aged three and up.


This three-wheel scooter is lightweight and easy to move and has a wide platform for toddler-sized feet. It's a safe option for those just working on balance skills.

"I'm in love with this scooter," says verified purchaser, Sapana. "The price is good for the combination and it's sturdy, easy to assemble and the color is just perfect. I bought is for my 2-year-old but I'm thinking of buying another one for her friend."


  • Light-up bar and wheels
  • Has a brake
  • Has pivot steering
  • Wide base designed with toddlers in mind
  • Ideal for kids working on early balance skills


  • Some parents note that the wheels need tightening more frequently than other designs

Best adjustable

LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter

LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter, best toddler scooters Merchant

For an adjustable scooter with all the bells and whistles, consider the LaScoota 2-in-1 Kids Kick Scooter. It has an adjustable seat that young toddlers can use to get acquainted with the scooter, as well as handlebars that adjust to four different heights.

We love the extra wide base plus three wheels for stability. It has lean-to-steer technology, which allows toddlers to learn about balance. There are light-up wheels featuring LED lights which don't require any batteries. The removable seat promises this scooter will be a popular outdoor play choice even as kids age.


"This was a gift for a 2 1/2-year-old," writes verified Amazon purchaser, Valerie. "Assembly was easy; we did not attach the seat after watching this little boy ride his neighbor's scooter without difficulty. This scooter is sized perfectly and appears very durable."

She continues, "Having the option of raising the handle allows this toy to be used for quite a while. The platform is wide enough to help a new rider feel stable while riding. The weight is easy for a toddler to manipulate but feels sturdy when in motion. The flashing wheel lights add to the total effect of a little person off and scooting off and on the road with friends, Mom and Dad!"


  • Highly-rated with over 12,000 ratings on Amazon
  • Comes with an adjustable height seat
  • Lights up
  • Handlebars are adjustable to four different heights
  • Holds up to 100 pounds
  • Has lean-to-steer feature


  • Seat does not fold up when attached and is attached by a screw

Best for travel

GoTrax Kick Scooter

gotrax kids scooter with led lights, best toddler scooter Merchant

This handsome kick scooter for toddlers is an ideal first pick. Suited for ages two to eight, kids love the powerful LED lights and brilliant glow this model gives off as it rides. Just press the simple button on the stem and pull to complete the disassembly. This affordable kiddie scooter weighs just 5.7 pounds, making it light enough to carry and compact enough to fit in your car trunk or store with ease.

Easy transportation and over 1,300 reviews with a nearly-perfect 4.9-star rating have rendered this model an Amazon bestseller. We agree, loving the color variety and easy adjustments.


"I purchased this scooter for my niece, age 3, and she loves it," writes verified Amazon purchaser, Danyelle. "It was so easy to assemble. It took only minutes and no further tools required and the quality is amazing. The colors are vibrant and it rides effortlessly."

She continues, "The LED lighted wheels are a fun addition perfect for a nighttime ride. It is so cool to have a compass on the handlebars! This scooter makes a great gift for any occasion—any child would love it."


  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Weighs only 5.7 pounds, making it simple to travel with
  • Affordable price
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Bold, durable LED lights that last for years
  • Bestseller with over 1,300 positive reviews


  • No added seat

Best character scooter

Spark Create Imagine Cocomelon Toddler Scooter

cocomelon toddler scooter, best toddler scooter Merchant

The Cocomelon fan in your home is sure to squeal with delight each time they reach for this fun-to-ride three-wheel toddler scooter. Gender-neutral colors, a folding seat and colorful LED light-up wheels make this a winning pick. Kids report easy, fun steering thanks to tilt-n-turn directions.

We love the extra wide non-slip foot deck that offers simple, carefree balancing to early riders. An affordable price point and quick shipping also make this an attractive last-minute gift for active toddlers. It's an excellent choice for children two to three years old thanks to extra safety and maneuver measures.


"I love that my son can sit down on it or try and learn to stand since he is still a little on the short side," says Valerie, a verified Walmart purchaser. "It rides very smoothly—especially on a downward slope. Overall, we love it for the price point."


  • Fun Cocomelon character design
  • Affordable price point
  • Gender-neutral styling
  • Extra-wide non-slip foot deck
  • Added folding seat
  • Tilt-n-turn steering
  • Smooth ride
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable handles
  • Quick Walmart shipping and easy returns


  • Kids may outgrow this one quickly—Cocomelon is usually for kids under age five

How we chose the best toddler scooters

We looked at a variety of factors including ease of assembly, folding and added features like LED light wheels and seat attachments. Then, we considered overall value. Safety mechanisms topped our list of important features to try and test.

Our picks reflected models we thoroughly vetted, tried and continued to use over our testing period (and then some). We also considered ease of ordering and factors like quick, easy shipping. Ultimately, eye-catching, safe, affordable designs that our own kids truly loved riding and playing with were the ones that made the list.

When can toddlers start riding scooters?

Each child is different, which is why it's important to talk to your doctor, but most toddlers can start riding wide-platform toddler scooters around age two. Kids of all stages and sizes need to wear protective gear like helmets and knee pads.

We love wide-platform kick scooters with adjustable handles for ages two to four, but beyond that if you notice your child has excellent motor skills they can likely move to a slimmer-platform model. Either way, be sure to keep helmets and protective gear part of their scooter-riding routine.

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This article was originally published on Aug 11, 2023

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