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Best Toddler Bike Helmet Picks 2024

We found the cutest toddler bike helmets for every type of little rider.

Best Toddler Bike Helmet Picks 2024

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If you're just starting to teach your child how to ride a bike or are getting them started on their first scooter—you need one of the best toddler bike helmet options for protection. Your munchkin's safety is the top priority, which is why understanding the factors that make a truly protective bike helmet for kids is so important.

Why is a toddler bike helmet so important, anyway?

A good toddler bike helmet reduces impact and injury when used properly, and is a cornerstone of the outdoor protection program for little ones laid out by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The goal is to have the bike helmet absorb as much impact as possible during a fall or crash.

A cushioned, armored experience protects your toddler's brain, skull and outer tissues. And sure, these helmets are great for riding bikes, but they're just as helpful when kids are trying other outdoor activities like riding scooters and climbing.


Toddler Bike Helmet Safety Features

The good news is that all bike helmets sold in the United States must meet a variety of safety and impact criteria to get to market. That means whatever you pick will offer relatively reliable protection so long as it's fitted properly. Better yet, most toddler bike helmet options as well as those for kids and adults are relatively affordable.

You don't need to spend a fortune on a good bike helmet, which is likely welcome news if you exhausted your budget on a newborn checklist just a couple of years earlier.

What to look for in the best toddler bike helmets

  • Lightweight, sturdy construction
  • Air circulation vents
  • Multi-directional Impact Protection System, also known as MIPS
  • A snug, secure fit
  • Appropriate closure

The best toddler bike helmets 2024

Best toddler helmet overall

Joovy Noodle Bike Helmet

best toddler bike helmet, noodle joovy helmet green Joovy

The Joovy Noodle Bike Helmet for ages one through nine is an adjustable fit model with 14 vents to keep little ones from getting too sweaty. It also boasts a built-in sun visor, bug net and adjustable fit dial so it grows with them. Plus, it comes in seven colors and two sizes.


Overall, we think it's the best helmet for toddler bikes and scooters thanks to a bevy of expensive features at a pocket-friendly price. We also love how easy it is for kids to snap into place on their own. Plus, the straps can be used to hang on mom or dad's bike trailers. Various sizes make it a good fit for both the best toddler bikes and kids' bikes.

What we like about it:

  • Adjusts to fits ages 1 through 9 so you can buy one helmet and be done for several years
  • Over 9,000 glowing Amazon ratings
  • Affordable price point
  • Multiple color offerings
  • Comfortable straps

Best toddler helmet with MIPS

Giro Tremor Youth MIPS Helmet

mips tremor helmet, best toddler bike helmet Merchant

The sleek, mature-looking Giro Tremor MIPS helmet offers 10 bright, happy colors and a whopping 18 vents for cool wearing. What we love most is the MIPS brain protection system though. It promises the safest, most intense protection against head injuries for little ones while offering a cool, comfortable fit.

We love this brand's reliable lineup of bicycle helmet styles that serve both kids and parents. Each offers a functional, comfortable chin strap made of premium materials. Choose from a variety of bright colors that match with the brand's selection of bike seat designs.


What we like about it:

  • MIPS technology brain protection system
  • 10 cool colors for little ones
  • Universal child fit
  • Comfortable straps
  • Over 1,600 Amazon ratings

Best bike helmet for younger toddlers

Schwinn Classic Toddler Helmet

best toddler bike helmet, schwinn toddler helmet Merchant

The Schwinn Classic Toddler Helmet was made with little ones in mind, offering a snug fit on smaller heads and comfortable straps. The lightweight, foamy material offers both robust protection and easy wearing, making it a favorite among little kids. It's sized appropriately for younger toddlers, and is ideal for ages one to about three and a half.

What we like about it:

  • This helmet is designed for younger toddlers
  • Affordable price point
  • Fits both toddlers and babies
  • Fun, whimsical colors and prints
  • An Amazon bestseller with over 12,000 ratings

Best budget toddler bike helmet for toddlers

Kuyou Bike Helmet for Toddlers

blue toddler bike helmet, best bike helmets for toddlers Merchant


The simple, lightweight design of the Kuyou bike helmet makes it an excellent choice at any budget, but at under $20, it's a brilliant buy. Comfortable straps, plenty of happy-looking, youthful designs and foam padding round out the list of reasons we think it's a must-buy.

What we like about it:

  • Under $20 price point (a bargain for a high quality kids' bike helmet)
  • Several fun colors
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable, lightweight construction
  • Ventilated

Most stylish toddler bike helmet

Bell Spider-Man Youth Helmet

spider-man bike helmet for boys, best toddler bike helmet Merchant

Unleash their inner superhero with this ultra-fun Bell Spider-Man design that's sure to turn heads at the park. It features a clever mohawk-style accent, eight carefully-placed vents and side-clip closures. While this will fit a variety of toddlers, it's ideal for ages four to six and may be a bit large on kids any younger.

It offers a good fit for most children's heads and is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for use in children. Just make sure you measure your child's head to make sure this helmet fits appropriately.


What we like about it:

  • Adorable Spider-Man theme
  • Budget-friendly
  • Side-clip closures
  • Eight vents
  • Ideal for ages four through six

How we chose the best toddler bike helmets

We examined safety guidelines from the CDC and pediatric health associations as well as state laws to find the best bike helmet for toddler use. Then, we looked at real user reviews, overall value and ease of use. If the clips weren't easy to toggle, they didn't make our list. Perhaps the most exciting feature we looked at was design—because toddlers love exciting colors, characters and features. Who can blame them?


Am I legally obligated to use a toddler bike helmet?

Bike helmet laws vary by state and city, and there is currently no federal law mandating the use. For example, in New York and New Jersey, children under 13 are legally obligated to wear helmets when biking—toddlers included. California's law pertains to all minors 17 and under, whereas states like Ohio don't have any bike helmet laws to speak of.

Do infant bike helmets exist?

Yes, bike helmets for infants exist, but the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend helmets for babies younger than one. In fact, they suggest keeping babies off bikes altogether until their first birthday and beyond. Plus, infant bike helmets are made from far softer, lighter-weight materials that offer less protection. Why? Because their little necks simply can't support much added weight.

How to fit toddler bike helmets

All US market-approved toddler bike helmets come with a head circumference range, so looking figuring out that measurement is your first bet. Use a soft tape measure to calculate their head's circumference about an inch above their eyebrows, or the thickest part of their noggins. Then do a fit test that includes:

  • The helmet sitting neatly on top of the head in a level position
  • No extra space to fall to one side or the other
  • Buckled straps that are snug, but won't dig into delicate skin (ask your toddler to open their mouth to see that they can move comfortably)

Do bike helmets need to be replaced after crashes?

Yes. Replace any toddler bike helmet after a crash, even if you can't see significant damage. It's also considered best practice not to buy second-hand bike helmets from garage sales or thrift shops because damage often can't be detected by the naked eye. Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings, images and prices are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publication.
This article was originally published on Feb 22, 2023

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