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September 2014 contents

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This month The world of books, apps & entertainment.

Celebrations Baby shower. Hosting a “rainy day” shower is easy as pie.

Postcard from… Kyoto. Writer Carol Toller takes her family to Japan.


Bulletin New products, studies & stats.

Little bodies Pearly whites. How to look after your child’s dental health.

Check up Bad medicine? Antibiotics are supposed to help kids get better when they’re sick. But over-prescribing is contributing to antimicrobial resistance, a growing global health threat.

Prevention Gaining on us. Doctors should educate women about healthy weight gain during pregnancy.


Quick fixes How to… Make school drop-off tear-free, tie shoelaces and play hopscotch.

At our house Same difference. Aparita Bhandari finds that living in a diverse city doesn’t guarantee tolerant kids.

Education Teacher tell-all. Are you guilty of doing these five things that drive educators crazy? 

Career Fired on mat leave. Will your job be waiting for you after parental leave?

The good sport Class act. Ian Mendes has learned that volunteering in the classroom is not for the faint of heart.


Pregnancy Precipitous labour—could it happen to you?

Newborn Paternity leave advice for new dads.

Baby What to do when your baby refuses to nurse.

Toddler Does baby talk hinder language development?

Preschool Ditching the nighttime diapers.

Little kid Managing your overly talkative child.

Big kid Helping kids who feel “uncool.”


Back-to-school gear guide. We’ve rounded up the snazziest new stuff for your stylish little scholars.

Best year ever! We all vow that this school year will be different. With these simple, sustainable back-to-school strategies, you will be, too. 

In the zone. One family turns 200 square feet into a do-it-all space filled with oodles of storage solutions.


Healthy start Green apple smoothie.

Meal plan Pack lunches like a pro.


All the best Kids’ theatres.

The debate School uniforms. Yea or nay?

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