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Table of contents: May 2015


What’s new
14 / This month
The world of toys, apps & entertainment.

16 / One little thing
Unicorns everywhere. These enchanted horses are making a major comeback.

18 / Craft
Playful prints. Add some funky patterns to your little ones’ basic T-shirts using household objects!

20 / Celebrations
Garden party. With spring finally here, let’s celebrate green thumbs, little bugs and blossoming buds.

22 / Postcard from
Deputy editor Leah Rumack takes her family on a trip through Quebec’s countryside.

Happy & healthy
26 / Bulletin
New products, studies & stats.

28 / Little bodies
Are alternative vaccination schedules safe? If you’re considering delaying or forgoing some vaccines, here’s what you need to know.

31 / Checkup
The good news on food allergies. The latest research gives new hope to families.

39 / Prevention
The horror, the horror. Pelvic prolapse sounds terrifying, but rehabilitation can help.

42 / Pretty simple
Drugstore beauty buys. The latest finds for every budget!

Advice & real life
48 / Quick fixes
How to… detangle a knot, clean a baby car seat and peel a kiwi.

50 / At our house
(Step) Mother’s Day. There’s no rule book for step-parenthood, so Kate Rae and her family are making it up as they go along.

53 / Behaviour
28 genius parenting tricks. Quirky hacks and shortcuts that make life with kids so much easier.

56 / The good sport
What a mom wants. Ian Mendes’s mom always hoped for something special for Mother’s Day. This year, she gets it.

Steps & stages
59 / Pregnancy
Some larger women find their pregnancies lack the special attention paid to other moms-to-be.

60 / Baby
What you need to know about introducing solid foods to your baby.

62 / Toddler
Finding the right first footwear requires a couple of important steps.

64 / Little kid
Here’s help for four common sleep issues.

66 / Big kid
How to navigate the stormy waters of early adolescence.

71 / Body beautiful
It’s time we celebrate the beauty and strength of the post-baby body. In honour of Mother’s Day, we teamed up with photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project to bring you a photo essay of Canadian moms who are embracing the many changes in their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth.

78 / Mother’s Day gift guide
110 hint-worthy ideas for the best day of the year.

84 / Extreme pregnancies
You won’t believe the hell these women went through to have their babies. Here are their stories.

In the kitchen
91 / Cute food
Candy rattles make chic, delicious shower favours.

92 / Meal Plan
Celebrate the wee one and mama-to-be with an elegant and modern baby shower.

100 / Treats
Strawberry wafflecake.

Just for you
104 / The debate
Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

106 / The funny pages
This is my life. The scattered thoughts of a toddler’s mom.

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