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What's new
14 / This month The world of toys, apps & entertainment.

16 / One little thing Unicorns everywhere. These enchanted horses are making a major comeback.

18 / Craft Playful prints. Add some funky patterns to your little ones’ basic T-shirts using household objects!

Happy & healthy
26 / Bulletin New products, studies & stats.


28 / Little bodies Are alternative vaccination schedules safe? If you’re considering delaying or forgoing some vaccines, here’s what you need to know.

31 / Checkup The good news on food allergies. The latest research gives new hope to families.

42 / Pretty simple Drugstore beauty buys. The latest finds for every budget!

Advice & real life
48 / Quick fixes How to... detangle a knot, clean a baby car seat and peel a kiwi.


Features 71 / Body beautiful It’s time we celebrate the beauty and strength of the post-baby body. In honour of Mother’s Day, we teamed up with photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project to bring you a photo essay of Canadian moms who are embracing the many changes in their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth.


Just for you
104 / The debate
Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

This article was originally published on Apr 17, 2015

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