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Table of contents: June 2015


What’s new
18 / Celebrations
Book party. Your little bookworm will be smitten with this literary-themed birthday bash.

Happy & healthy
22 / Bulletin
New products, studies & stats.

24 / Little bodies
Weather warnings. From pollen counts to the UV Index, here’s how to safely navigate the hot, hazy days of summer.

26 / Safety
Carbon monoxide cheat sheet. Could CO poisoning happen in your home?

Advice & real life
32 / Quick fixes
How to… catch melting ice cream drips, create a car caddy and make giant bubbles.

34 / At our house
Push it real good. First-time dad and mixtape aficionado Chris Johns compiles the perfect soundtrack for his wife’s labour.

36 / Relationships
Thinking of coaching your kid’s team? Before you raise your hand to volunteer, there are a few lessons to learn.

40 / The good sport
The ’80s dad. If Ian Mendes could have one wish granted for Father’s Day, it would be to go back in time.

Steps & stages
45 / Pregnancy
From luscious locks to belly fuzz: how your hair changes when you’re expecting.

46 / Baby
Newborns are usually washed in hospital soon after birth, but here’s why you may want to wait.

48 / Preschool
When kids can’t keep their privates under wraps, it can be both hilarious and horrifying.

50 / Little kid
What you need to know before letting your kid pierce her lobes.

52 / Big kid
Too young for a “real” job, some kids get creative in their quest to earn a little cash.

55/ The 100 best Canadian books of all time
We surveyed experts from coast to coast to help us create this awesome list of winners.

69 / The “right” age to read
Some kids just “get” how to read, while others struggle for years. When should parents worry?

72 / Forever in blue jeans
Celebrate your baby bump with these trendy denim styles that will take you from workday to weekend to date night. Pregnancy never looked so good.

78 / My dad’s cooler than your dad
Father’s Day goodies for your main man.

In the kitchen
84 / What’s cookin’
Food, tools & entertaining.

86 / Meal plan
Nail this barbecue season with meals that bring fun to the table.

97 / Treat
Crispy oven-baked wings.

98 / Recipe roundup

Just for you
101 / Baby horoscopes
In the stars. What a baby’s astrological sign says about his personality—and his future.

106 / The debate
Do you ban presents at birthday parties?

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