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Table of contents: June 2015

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Happy & healthy 22 / Bulletin New products, studies & stats.

Advice & real life 32 / Quick fixes How to... catch melting ice cream drips, create a car caddy and make giant bubbles.

34 / At our house Push it real good. First-time dad and mixtape aficionado Chris Johns compiles the perfect soundtrack for his wife’s labour.


40 / The good sport The ’80s dad. If Ian Mendes could have one wish granted for Father’s Day, it would be to go back in time.

48 / Preschool When kids can’t keep their privates under wraps, it can be both hilarious and horrifying.


52 / Big kid Too young for a “real” job, some kids get creative in their quest to earn a little cash.


78 / My dad’s cooler than your dad Father’s Day goodies for your main man.

In the kitchen 84 / What’s cookin’ Food, tools & entertaining.

98 / Recipe roundup


Just for you 101 / Baby horoscopes In the stars. What a baby’s astrological sign says about his personality—and his future.

106 / The debate Do you ban presents at birthday parties?

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