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Table of contents: June 2014

A look at the stories featured in the May 2014 issue of Today’s Parent.

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June 2014 contents

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This month The world of books, apps & entertainment.
One little thing In honour of our 30th birthday, check out these classic toys that never go out of style.
Shopping Father’s Day gift guide. Spoil the main man in your kids’ lives.
Postcard from… Halifax. Deputy editor Leah Rumack and her family head east.

Bulletin New products, studies & stats.
Little bodies Stitch this? How to tell if a cut needs more than a kiss to heal.
Pretty simple Summer skin care. Separating fact from fiction when it comes to sun protection.

At our house Father fear-est. Shaking the tough-love tactic.
Money Sweet deals. Hot tips on cheap ways for families to travel.
Education Multiple choice. How to get the teacher you want.
The Good Sport Dad rules. Ian Mendes has figured out what a true hero looks like.


Pregnancy It can be the lustiest time of your life.
Newborn What’s normal when it comes to Baby’s poop.
Baby It’s OK to admit you flaked on your baby’s scrapbook.
Toddler Little ones may start to favour their fathers, but it’s temporary.
Preschool When your scissor-happy kid cuts her own hair.
Little kid Teaching children to keep track of their stuff.
Big kid What to do when kids resist camp but are too young to stay home alone.

30th anniversary. We’re 30 years old this month! We’re celebrating all month with 30 days of cupcakes and a look back at how parenting has changed since we published our first issue in December 1984.
Family ties. There’s no name for the relationship that forms between a surrogate and the parents of the baby she carries. But in this special case, “friendship” only scratches the surface.

Healthy start Cottage cheese and macerated berries.
What’s cookin’ Food, tools & entertaining.
Meal plan Dinner ideas for Father’s Day.

All the best Family-friendly campgrounds.
The debate Should you get a bikini wax before your due date?

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