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New + Now
What we love Race case. Little auto aficionados can now travel in style with this awesome Lamborghini case.

This month The best new books, plus the latest toys, apps, gear and entertainment.

Activities Baby shower games that don't suck. Here are some activities guaranteed to up the cool quotient of any baby shower.

DIY Made with love. Whip up this edible dye-free playdough with ingredients you likely have on hand.

Happy + Healthy
New study Raise a cup. New research shows that consuming caffeine during pregnancy won't sap your baby's smarts.


Need to know New health products, the latest studies and surprising stats.

Your health Pregnant + sick = ugh! What's safe—and what's not—when you're treating a cold or the flu during pregnancy?

Checkup Little buddy. Congratulations! You've got a baby boy—with foreskin. Relax, we've got answers to your most squeamish circumcision questions.

Pretty simple Beauty time. Check out these three evening skin-care strategies for any little window of time.

Advice + Real Life
Help and hacks Crying like a baby. Here's how to get through the witching hour.


Relationships Look who's talking. Here's how to kick-start a conversation with your kids.

Confession My home birth sucked. Jen Cutts expected to feel coached, supported and reassured throughout her labour and delivery. But she mostly felt alone and scared.

The list About to lose your temper on your kids? Do this instead!

Ian Mendes Keep or toss? Ian Mendes is drowning in his kids' artwork, crafts and cards. The struggle is real.


Steps + Stages
We separate labour myths from facts.

Baby Is there a downside to letting your baby snooze in the stroller or car seat?

Toddler Here's how to deal when your toddler wants to be carried all the time.

Preschool How to motivate your stubborn (or oblivious) preschooler to help out around the house.

School age What do you do when your kids' friends don't respect your house rules?


Caribbean cool The ultimate guide to our favourite family resorts.

Sex after baby When it comes to couples' sex lives after having kids, some like it hot—and some don't really care all that much.

Food news Sweet surrender. Mixed with wholesome ingredients, these chocolate snacks are almost virtuous.


In the pantry
Warm ups. These simple and speedy soups are the perfect winter cure.

Just for you
The debate Do you let your kids see you naked?

This is your life Eight things not to say to a woman in labour.

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