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August 2014 contents

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This month The world of books, apps & entertainment.

Craft Float your boat. This sailboat is ready to launch into the kiddie pool or bath.


Bulletin New products, studies & stats.

Little bodies Car seat cheat sheet. Not sure which safety seat you need and when? Our reference guide breaks it down.

Prevention Eating for two. What’s safe, what to avoid and what to consume more of when you’re expecting.


Quick fixes How to… remove a grass stain, prevent chlorine-damaged hair, and treat a blister

At our house Minivan mama. Katie Dupuis thinks her cool factor took a hit when she got behind the wheel.

Behaviour The upside of quitting. The author of a new book wants “tiger moms” to try “dolphin parenting.”


Pregnancy Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, but prepping before the birth can help.

Newborn It’s OK to feel disappointed in your delivery was at odds with your birth plan.

Baby Five steps to a successful bedtime routine.

Toddler Parents often wonder if their kid’s crazy behaviour is normal. Here’s what’s happening.

Preschool Learning to print is more complicated than just putting pencil to paper.

Little kid Do you do too much for your kids? It’s time to flip the script.

Big kid Is it time for some… support? We have advice for parents wondering how to handle the first bra talk.


The ultimate guide to reading From our favourite reads to learning apps we love, here’s how you can turn your kids into busy little bookworms.

One contraction at a time We’ve compiled a comprehensive labour-pain relief guide to help you make informed decisions for delivery day.

My daughter has Down syndrome… Tara McCallan initially grieved all of the dreams she had for her daughter. Now she can’t imagine life any other way.


Healthy start Coconut chia pudding.

Meal plan No-cook dinners.


All the best Family-friendly outdoor playgrounds.

The debate Would you buy a backyard trampoline?

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