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Table of contents: April 2015


14 / This month
The world of toys, apps & entertainment.

16 / One little thing
Puddle patrol. This wet-weather wear will have kids hoping for April showers!

18 / Craft
Hare flair. Get the jump on spring by adding some indoor greenery with this adorable DIY bunny planter.

20 / Celebrations
Carnival party. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to this fun-filled extravaganza.

Happy & healthy

26 / Bulletin
New products, studies & stats.

28 / Little bodies
Tooth and dare. What to do when those precious pearly whites take a beating.

31 / Prevention
Feeding the problem. We all want to raise healthy eaters, but are we practising what we preach?

36 / Pretty simple
Pretty pastels. These candy colours will wake up your makeup.

Advice & real life

40 / Quick fixes
How to… cool down soup, remove berry stains and load your dishwasher properly.

42 / At our house
Am I in danger, Mommy? Aboriginal mom Dawn Harvard faces the harsh truth that she can’t promise to keep her 10-year-old daughter safe.

44 / Behaviour
Gun shy. Is pretend gun play normal, or are we raising kids who think violence is OK?

49 / Money
Living on the cheap. Looking to cut corners in your family budget? Here’s how to save money on (almost) everything.

54 / The good sport
I’ve got a tween. OMG, Ian Mendes’s daughter is growing up too fast.

Steps & stages

57 / Pregnancy 
What you need to know about over-the-counter medications when you’re expecting.

58 / Baby
Does what you eat affect your breastfed babe’s tummy?

60 / Preschool
How to cope when your little one is anxious.

62 / Little kid
Some kids have big reactions to even the smallest problems, which can be scary for both of you.

64 / Big kid
How to help your kid through a best-friend breakup.

In the kitchen

83 / Cute food
Create our adorable Easter chicks out of hard-boiled eggs.

84 / Meal plan
If there’s a carton of eggs in your fridge, you’ve got the beginnings of a delicious dish.

92 / Treats 
Show-stopping carrot cake.

Just for you

96 / The debate
Should kids use screens in cars?

98 / The funny pages
This is my life. The perils of navigating a public washroom with a toddler.

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