The Tea Collection Rewear Site is Your New Money-Saving Best Friend

A fashionable kid can also be an eco- and cost-conscious one.

The Tea Collection Rewear Site is Your New Money-Saving Best Friend

Tea Collection Rewear

Whether you're adding teeny-tiny clothes to your newborn checklist in an eco-friendlier way or just trying to dress an entire small army of kids at better prices, the new Tea Collection Rewear/Preloved site is about to be your best friend.

Tea Rewear allows you to recycle your already-loved Tea Collection pieces and then buy hand-me-downs from other conscious parents as well. You can either sell your Tea Collections directly or opt for a clever trade-in policy because, ya know, kids keep growing.

You simply pop each item in the mail and boom, good condition items that can be sold grant you a credit back to your account that you can use to buy new items. And if you're like me, a mom with five little kids that are growing faster than I can keep up with, it's so worth it.

But who keeps their baby and toddler clothes in good condition, anyway?

For starters, experienced parents know that baby showers in particular land us with seemingly thousands of teeny-tiny clothes that our infants just don't have enough time to wear and model. Maybe they get worn once before moving up a size—maybe not at all. Those are perfect trade-ins and honor your baby registry gifts in a sort of new, more-experienced-parent type of way.

But really, Tea Collection items are made exceptionally well. I mean, I have three boys that play sports, don't go easy on gym class and make a point of climbing every tree they see. Somehow, these clothes totally hold up even after they've beaten their best sandals to holy hell and lost at least four expensive kids' water bottles in the process.

tea collection infant pajamas Tea Collection baby pajamas, available here

Did I mention the stitching is truly above and beyond? It is. The stuff I buy from Amazon or Target is great, don't get me wrong, but it falls apart in basically weeks. Tea Collection items last, and last and OMG—last some more.

Are Tea Collection Rewear prices good?


If you're simply shopping for Tea Collection items at the best possible prices, I strongly suggest hitting the brand's sale section. Seriously, high-end graphic dresses are under $12 right now and it's bonkers. Plus you can take an extra 20% off on top of that.

But, if you're looking to take part in the whole exchange and eco-conscious Rewear system, it actually works out to be way cheaper for baby clothes and bigger kid fashions. After you sell or get credits for your own Tea Collection items, gently-used pieces can be as low a couple of dollars plus shipping.

And I mean, the feeling of not being wasteful is pretty priceless.

tea collection rewear Tea Collection

More than that, it's an excellent way to let go of clutter and extra "stuff" around the house.

A friend of mine, Sara Leib, started using Rewear for just that reason. "I shop at Tea Collection all the time because my daughters have wear dresses to school and the brand really makes the best quality at decent prices. My older daughter is seven and my younger daughter is three and a half. I could hold onto my old daughter's clothes in a bin in the attic for a few years, but why? I'd rather just get the clutter out and trade her stuff in for the sizes she actually needs."

Frankly, it's something I agree with. My sons are close in age, but my daughters have a good six years between them. There's no reason for me to devote an entire closet to things my youngest is going to wear half a decade from now. Or saving every outfit from every baby boy and girl I've had along the way.


Maybe if we had a 10,000-square-foot mansion, but we don't. We live in a normal house that's already overflowing with soccer gear, Lego blocks, art projects and stuffed animals. So for now, I'll be preaching the merits of buying and selling gently used Tea Collection pieces.

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