The Products Our Editors Are Obsessed with Right Now

So many good finds—and one of our favorite strollers is heavily discounted.

The Products Our Editors Are Obsessed with Right Now

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Sure, we spend most of our days updating the very important newborn checklist, teaching you how to get free baby stuff from Amazon and breaking-down hot celebrity baby news (like OMG the first pics of Khloe Kardashian's kids). But we try a lot of new products, too.

Seriously, hundreds of new must-have products for parents come across our desks each week. We're breaking down the absolute must-buys for March 2023 and regularly updating the list, so be sure to check back in.

This lactation-helping powder

brewers yeast for lactation Merchant

If you missed our in-depth review of brewer's yeast for lactation, just know this: it's easy to use, only takes a couple of spoonfuls a day and is said to really, really help breastfeeding moms.

Tea Collection's new Hola Mexico lineup of spring fashions

Tea Collection Hola Mexico clothes Merchant

As if we didn't already love Tea Collection with every square centimeter of our achy-breaky hearts, the newest collection of romantic Mexican-inspired prints and silhouettes for little one is absolutely pulling at our heartstrings. The high-end feeling collection is surprisingly affordable, and a wonderful fashion-forward Easter gift for kids or trendy wardrobes. Baby through big kid sizes are available.


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

bob gear revolution stroller flex Merchant

Run! This top-rated Bob Gear Revolution Flex jogging stroller is on sale for 28% off right now. It's never discounted, so you really can't afford to miss it while it's under $400 and ships totally free right to your door.

"I looked, and searched, and researched,and waited and looked some more at EVERY jogging stroller," writes verified Amazon purchaser, Haley Smola. "I am so glad I just decided to splurge and buy the more expensive option. This is for our second baby, and we are regular theme park goers. The stroller is a sleek black look that says expensive and stylish. The sun shield is extra long, which I love. The basket on the bottom is spacious and the wheels etc glide effortlessly! 10/10 recommend. Just buy it."

Riciniol Classic Ointment

riciniol ointment Merchant

"Riciniol has replaced all other balms and ointments in my house," writes our editor, Vanessa. "It's good for scratches, rashes, burns and even adding to your moisturizer if your dry skin needs a little extra boost."

Plus, it's totally affordable and available in both the US and Canada.

Dash Mini Heart Waffle Iron

dash mini waffle maker review Merchant

Lauren reviewed the Dash mini waffle iron this week and found that it made toddler meal time a breeze. She used it for everything from grilled cheese to eggs, and yes—waffles. Plus, it's super cheap and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


Playbox Wooden Climber

Peeka Wooden Climber toy for toddlers Merchant

While this indoor play station is certainly the biggest splurge on our list, we think it's 100% worthwhile if you live in a cold weather or rainy climate. This safe, wood play center is loaded with toddler-friendly fun that lends hours of imaginative, active play. Plus, they'll love making forts out of it as they grow older.

Grabease Baby and Toddler Self-Feeding Utensils

grabease utensils for babies Merchant

Holy macaroni (and cheese). These utensils are so cute, so affordable and so fun for little ones to use as they master the fine art of eating delish things. With over 12,000 Amazon ratings and thousands of reviewers calling them everything from "genius" to "essential" you know they're a solid bet.

LIT Axis Pre- and Post-natal Training

Lit Axis Personal Pilates Gym Merchant

Technically. this affordable LIT Axis home gym system is ideal for the months before and after baby, but honestly, we're obsessed with it for basically any adult looking to tone up at home. It comes with personalized guidance, technical feedback and basically everything you'd get from a personal Pilates session—only at home. Did we mention the entire setup costs less than a couple of privates at your local studio? True story.


Chilly Child Ponchos

Chilly Child poncho Merchant

We're obsessed with these button-free, zipper-free ponchos for babies and toddlers that are made of super soft baby blanket material. They're a breeze to put on, come in cute colors and offer an oversized stretchy fit that's perfect for the playground or  car rides. Seriously, we can't say enough good things.

Star Projector Galaxy Night Light

nighttime star and galaxy projector night light Merchant

I'll be the first to tell you I actually have one of these in the bedroom my younger boys share. They're completely mesmerized by it and genuinely, it's the best $30 I've spent this year. It doesn't load the light with too much light, and has had my little guys chatting about constellations, stars, planets and galaxies for weeks on end. They're so excited to learn about our universe that they've actually asked me to buy them bedtime storybooks about the cosmos. Cool, right?

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