My Dash Mini Waffle Maker Review: So, So Good

Breakfast, lunch and dinner mini-waffles? Oh my!

By Lauren Harden

My Dash Mini Waffle Maker Review: So, So Good


Breakfast can set the tone for how the rest of the day shakes out, as any toddler parent knows all too well. If you’ve exhausted creative ideas like breakfast pizza, this appliance provides you with quick meal successes over and over again. Our Dash mini waffle maker review proved that waffle-shaped everything is always a win.

Really, is there any better way to brighten your kids' day than with a handheld novelty breakfast? After trying it out for ourselves, we can confidently vouch for this waffle press. It changes ho-hum morning routines for the better and makes healthy eating easier than ever—and we're here for it.

What is the Dash mini waffle maker?

A mini waffle maker is like a traditional waffle maker, only pint-size, and the Dash is a mini waffle iron that packs a punch. At only 6 inches wide, it produces the perfect size handheld meal for tots and kids.

It makes waffles, sure, but it also presses a variety of things like grilled cheese, paninis and hashbrowns. The compact size takes up less space than a traditional waffle maker, and it cuts the heat-up time down to a mere few minutes.

dash mini waffle maker review Lauren Harden

My Dash mini waffle maker review

Kids love waffles, but dragging a regular waffle maker out, heating it, and cleaning it can be a long and involved process for people who are short on time. The Dash Mini Waffle Maker makes breakfast easy. It heats up in about 2 minutes, or the same amount of time it takes to mix up a batch of boxed or homemade buttermilk waffle batter. A blue light on top lets parents know when it’s ready to go.

The surface is non-stick, and two teaspoons of batter is all it takes to create a nice waffle that’s about the same size as the frozen kind you’d find at the grocery store. After following the directions and spraying only the first waffle with a light oil spray (you can also use melted butter), we placed two spoonfuls of batter on the iron.

Keeping our eyes on it for about a minute and a half, we lifted the lid to see how the waffle was doing. The first waffle came out perfectly, which allowed us to get breakfast on the table in a matter of minutes. There was no trial and error with the batter and heat combination, which was nice. Subsequent waffles were also perfectly brown and fully cooked. 

Waffled out? The Dash Mini Waffle Maker can also press breakfast paninis, hashbrowns and grilled cheese among other things, although waffles came out the smoothest in our testing.

While it’s not for children to operate because the plate gets very hot, kids learn the art of patience in a relatively short time frame by watching the Dash Mini Waffle Maker in action. It comes in 20 varieties and colors such as red, aqua, silver and others. Available shapes include hearts, skulls, pumpkins, circles and seasonal themes. 


  • Compact at only six-inches wide 
  • Heats up fast for quick cooking time
  • Requires little counter space and fits in a drawer 
  • Edges prevent overfilling 
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s able to press other meals like grilled cheese, hashbrowns and eggs
  • Includes a recipe guide to spark creativity 
  • Comes in a variety of colors and shapes 


  • Moist mix-ins like chocolate chips or berries can stick and change the texture of the waffle
  • The iron gets very hot and must be used with adult supervision
dash mini waffle maker review Lauren Harden

The verdict

We're obsessed with the Dash Mini Waffle Maker and how easy and fun it makes mealtime. If you've got hungry toddlers at home, it takes the guesswork out of mealtime by making most foods more fun. If you're a pregnant mom, add it to your baby registry ASAP. Cravings are important, right?

Where to  buy the Dash mini waffle maker

Get your DASH Mini Waffle Maker at Amazon just like the other hundreds of thousands of people who have enjoyed having one in their kitchen. At about $13, it’s a cute, simple and easy way to make breakfast a cinch—and more fun. 

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