The Best Hot Chocolate K-Cups for Cozy Sips

Get your mug ready for these homemade-tasting hot chocolate k-cups that truly impress.

The Best Hot Chocolate K-Cups for Cozy Sips


The weather outside is getting frightful—so staying cozy is crucial. While you're thinking about how to dress your baby in winter and the best toddler winter boots, finding the right beverage to ring in the cold weather is equally important to keep little ones happy during the change of seasons.

Enter hot chocolate K-cups—the perfect accompaniment for young and old alike to consume through the coldest days.

What are hot chocolate K-cups, anyway?

Keurig is known for its killer coffee pods, but even on the coldest winter days, hot chocolate is a champ for kids and adults alike. Hot chocolate K-cups are the perfect treat to boost the mood during the chilliest season. Whether you sip your cup alone while reading or snuggle up with the kiddos, read on for the best hot chocolate K-cups to try for winter.

From dark hot chocolate to the sweetest mocha flavor, there's something for everyone.

The best hot chocolate K-cups to try now

Best overall

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Hot Milk Chocolate K Cups

swiss miss hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant

With nearly perfect ratings, you need to try these K-cups from Swiss Miss for your next hot chocolate craving. Made with premium cocoa and non-fat milk, the rich and creamy chocolate flavor bursts in your mouth with every sip. While the classic milk chocolate flavor is our go-to, try out the salted caramel and peppermint K-cups, if you’re in the mood.


  • Milk chocolate flavor is creamy and rich
  • Legacy brand is trustworthy
  • Perfect individual serving per K-cup
  • Pack of 16
  • Also available in other flavors including a sugar-free variety
  • A more affordable alternative to pricy options like Rivers Hot Chocolate


  • Some reviewers say the chocolate flavor is strong

Best budget

Indulgio Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Single Serve Brew Cup

indulgio hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant


It’s time to indulge! Embrace the warmth and treat yourself to the rich and creamy milk chocolate sensation at home or on the go with Indulgio’s Milk Chocolate Cocoa K-cups. Ideal for individual servings, enjoy a moment of serenity after a long day at work or a post-tobagganing treat—without breaking the bank.

Shake it up and insert it into your brewer—it's that easy.


  • Naturally and artificially flavored
  • Tastes similar to a cup of hot chocolate from a café
  • Pack of 12


  • Not compatible with Keurig Vue Brewer

Best flavored

Martinson Cup O'Cocoa, Hot Cocoa K-Cup Pods

martinson hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant

Made with real milk and cocoa Martinson’s warm and creamy beverage is sure to bring back the memories of childhood. To give you an authentic cup of sweet hot chocolate, these pods feature a recyclable cup, less lidding material and a unique filter that delivers rich flavor for every sip. With the perfect combination of taste and sustainability, you can’t go wrong with these K-cups.


  • Made with Eco-cup pods
  • Naturally and artificially flavored
  • Kosher
  • Pack of 24


  • Some viewers say there are clumps in K-cups, be sure to shake!

Best rated

Victor Allen's Coffee Milk Chocolate Flavored Hot Cocoa K-Cup Pods

victor allens coffee hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant


Skip a trip to the coffeehouse and make a pleasant beverage from the comfort of your home! With nearly a five-star rating, treat yourself to this rich and creamy milk chocolate sensation that any chocolate lover to enjoy. The convenient K-cup pods are a delicious treat to make at any time, whether it’s an early-morning treat or a late-night cuppa cocoa.


  • Rich and creamy chocolate mix
  • Made with high-quality cocoa beans
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Pack of 42


  • Need to shake the K-cup for the powder to fully dissolve

Best luxury

Starbucks Hot Cocoa K-Cup Coffee Pods

starbucks hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant

Attention Starbucks lovers: this one’s for you. The luxe retailer crafted a nostalgic cold-weather product inspired by their beloved in-store hot chocolate. Created specifically for any Keurig machine, the classic hot cocoa delivers a rich and creamy flavor to treat your tastebuds, sip after satisfying sip. It’s a premium, cozy cocoa in a K-cup!


  • Naturally flavored
  • Made with real cocoa
  • Rich and creamy specialty beverage
  • Recyclable K-cup
  • Works with any K-style coffee machine


  • Only available in a pack of 60

Best imported

Laura Secord Hot Chocolate Mix K-Cups

laura secord hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant

Oh, Canada! Across the border is where you’ll find the best hot chocolate K-cup. Laura Secord—named after the Canadian war heroine—captures the essence of chocolatey goodness with their intense and creamy hot cocoa.


Made in Canada, the rich and refined beverage will remind you of the expertise that the renowned chocolatier has cultivated with each delicious sip. It's one of our favorite coffee alternatives, too.


  • Strong chocolate flavor
  • Made in Canada
  • Recyclable K-cups
  • Pack of 24


  • Some reviewers recommend pairing the hot chocolate with cream or milk

Best dark chocolate

Maud's Dark Hot Chocolate K-Cups

mauds dark hot chocolate k cups, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant

You get it, dark chocolate is better for you. Well, lucky you: Maud’s specialty K-cups deliver a very rich yet smooth and complex flavor with balanced sweetness. Brew a perfect cup of hot cocoa for the whole family throughout the winter or anytime they’re craving a sweet treat.

For those with food sensitivities, this hot chocolate is gluten and dairy-free but doesn’t sacrifice flavor.


  • Complex chocolate flavor
  • 100% dairy-free and gluten-free
  • Up-to-date compatibility with all Keurig brewers
  • California blended & 100% solar energy produced


  • Packaging isn’t sturdy for pods, watch out for powder spills!

Best mocha

McCafe Mocha Coffee Pods, Chocolate

mccafe mocha coffee pods chocolate, best hot chocolate k cups Merchant


Fancy a taste of mocha? Satisfy your sweet craving with McCafe’s chocolate mocha K-cup—it’s a specially crafted blend made from 100% Arabica beans and infused with an earthy, chocolate-infused flavor. The pods are lightly roasted for maximum aroma and flavor, putting a rich and delicious spin on your warm drink routine. Talk about a combo of flavors!


  • A rich combination of flavors
  • Not highly caffeinated
  • Well-packaged
  • Pack of 12


  • Some reviewers say chocolate flavor isn't strong enough

How to make hot chocolate k-cups look homemade

For starters, make sure you brew your preferred hot cocoa k-cup directly into a real mug. While we love a good travel mug, they seem to take way from the homemade vibe. Consider brewing directly into a half-filled mug with Brooklyn beans coffee if you'd like a game-changing mocha drink.

Then, move onto toppings.

You don't need to go full Monty to get the experience, though we're not against it. A good earthware mug brimming with hot cocoa and a dash of real cream or coconut cream is enough to get the party started. Add a generous amount of flavor-rich whipped cream to the top for a luxe take on a quick classic.

whipnotic whipped cream, best hot chocolate k-cups Merchant


A generous service of Brownie Batter whipped cream is enough to dress up even the ho-hummiest hot cocoa of all time. And make it taste sort of like a Tootsie Roll.

Consider adding flavorful garnishes like:

  • Junior Mints hot, melty and minty
  • Peanut butter cups crushed atop your whipped cream
  • Mini marshmallows (although the Swiss Miss milk chocolate hot cocoa k-cup pods have bits of marshmallows already in the recipe so you won't miss out on flavor)

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This article was originally published on Nov 06, 2023

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