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Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys 2024

Tried, tested and editor-approved gifts for 6 year old boys.

Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys 2024

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The holiday season is here. Nothing beats family time, but if want to give the 6-year-old in your life a tangible present, we can help! From bikes to trampolines for kids to board games, we've compiled a list of the hottest gifts for 6-year-old boys on the market, along with some shopping advice from the pros.

The best gifts for 6-year-old boys

The Original Stomp Rocket Launcher

stomp rocket, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This set includes four original, high-flying Stomp Rockets and an adjustable rocket launch stand that makes the rockets easily visible in the sky—they fly an impressive 200 feet into the air! The whole family can join in on the excitement. Since the whole set is designed for easy folding, storage and travel, assembly and transport are easy. It's kid-powered!

NERF Tennis Set

nerf tennis set, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This tennis set includes two jumbo-sized tennis rackets with a solid but soft grip and one soft NERF foam tennis ball. The larger-than-usual, 22-inch long plastic tennis rackets with mesh netting--and the softball--make this set ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Because the noises are large, it's easier for kids to hit the ball back to their opponent.

PlayZoom 2 Watch

play-zoom-watch, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This Amazon's Choice Smartwatch combines learning and play--and is available in a variety of colors.  It teaches kiddos how to tell time, set alarms, record videos, stay fit and more. It also comes with audiobooks, STEM-themed games and a headphone jack—headphones not included, but a rechargeable battery is!

This electronic watch is completely safe for kids; it doesn't require a credit card, data or Wi-Fi connection, or any downloads.

Kid's Basketball Hoop

kids basketball hoop, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This set comes with two bouncy mini balls, a pump, the basketball hoop and all the necessary accessories for awesome and active BBall play.  A standout feature is the hoop's height adjusts between 2.8 and 6.2 feet, so kids of all sizes can play. The hook's design itself is sturdy with a triangular base and solid pole that won't wobble or fall over easily.

Mudpuppy Shark Cards

mudpuppy shark cards, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This card game is a clever twist on the classic card game "Go Fish." These cards feature illustrations of various sharks and can be carried via a handy drawstring fabric bag, making it great for on-the-go play. Gameplay instructions are included; this set is designed for ages 4 and up and accommodates two to four players.

The object is to collect 4 sets of matching shark cards. All Mudpuppy products adhere to CPSIA, ASTM and CE Safety Regulations. Check out these other kid-friendly card games while you're at it.

Roblox Collector's Toolbox

roblox tool box, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

All the rage lately, Roblox is an immersive, user-generated 3D world. This sturdy carrying case holds up to 32 Roblox figures, allowing kids to organize and showcase their collection. It includes two new figures: Red Lazer Parkour Runner and Giant Hunter.


Mix and match parts to create unique Roblox characters and accessorize them. Inside the toolbox, find a collector's checklist and an exclusive virtual item code for the Roblox game. We think it's one of the hottest gift guide items of the year. It's one of the gifts for 6 year old boys they actually want this year!

The Floor is Lava Board Game

the floor is lava board game, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This interactive family board game encourages physical activity, imaginative play and provides excitement for kids and adults. It transforms any floor into a "lava jumping" adventure. Suitable for two or more players aged five and up, it's a great gift for young kids to play together.

Dr. Jupiter My First Science Kit

dr jupiter science kit, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

Let's hear it for STEM. This Amazon's Choice science kit includes over 50 fascinating experiments and promotes critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Some of the many items it comes with are spray bottles, trays, beakers,  safety goggles, food coloring and more.


The kit features well-illustrated, step-by-step instructions, and some of the experiments include making your own fizzy potions, lava lamps and even kid-fave...slime! It's easily one of the best gifts for 6 year old boys with adventurous minds.

Dinosaur Walkie Talkies

dinosaur walkie talkies, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

These lightweight, dino-themed walkie-talkies are easy for small hands to grip.  Simple, large buttons make it easy for kids to use via a push-to-talk feature. Reviewers say the audio is pretty clear once you stay in the 1000ft range, and some even bring these walkie-talkies on hiking and camping trips.

Made from durable ABS material, these walkie-talkies can withstand drops up to five feet. They're solid and long-lasting gifts for 6-year-old boys.

Wisairt Remote Control Monster Truck

remote control monster truck, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant


This impressive, multi-function wireless remote control truck is shaped like a shark and built to a 1/16 scale, which gives it a realistic and cool appearance. Equipped with non-slip rubber tires, this truck, which comes with LED light features, navigates various terrains and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Its anti-collision design helps protect both the remote control car and children during play, and it can form stunts including 360-degree rotation in place. Comes with a rechargeable battery!

Large Dartboard

large dart board for kids, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

Bullseye! This nine-inch colorful dart board comes with 12 Sticky Balls. There are many dart boards on the market, but this one's huge--which means there are more chances to hit the target than on a traditional-sized dartboard. Built to last, it's made of soft quality fabric and the balls come in four different colors, so each child participant can select a color.

More than just hitting the center, this game teaches colors, focus, and hand-eye coordination. It's one of the best gifts for 6-year-old boys looking for engaging, active games they can play alone or with siblings.

LEGO City Family House and Electric Car

lego city family house and electric car, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

You can always count on LEGO for great memories and great fun. This new-to-market set offers creative play with a modular toy house featuring a kitchen, two bedrooms, a greenhouse, solar panels and all the pieces to build a blue car.

Minecraft Light

minecraft light, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This unique lamp projects colorful images of Minecraft characters and icons onto your kid's bedroom walls and ceiling, creating an immersive experience. This projector lamp features a plastic cover for mood lighting and comes with four projection sheets. Images can rotate on the walls, or stay stationary.

The Retrospec Koda Plus Bike

retrospec koda plus bike, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant


This cool bicycle gets heaps of praise for its sleek, non-babyish look; affordable price point, and the fact that it's specifically designed to fit kids' bodies, making it easier for them to ride. Recommended for neighborhood rides on flat streets, this single-speed kids' bike comes with a reach adjustable v-brake that fits smaller hands.

We love the seat that grows with your child, starting as low as 21.5 inches. Choose from a variety of colors with cushioned tires! If you like this, check out our guides to the best kids' bikes, best toddler bikes and best toddler bike helmets.

Serene Life Trampoline

serene life trampoline, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

A trampoline makes for an incredible gift. Definitely, on the pricey side, it's a special gift that will last for years, providing hours of fun. This one is safety-certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials. It’s 12 feet in diameter, has four L-shaped legs for stability and comes with a safety net.

Amazon Fire HD10 Tablet

amazon fire tablet, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant


This tablet has more than 22,000 reviews online, so you KNOW it's going to be super popular this holiday season. Designed for kiddos ages three to seven, this must-own gadget has a 10.1-inch screen, offers a 25% increase in speed and reduced weight compared to its previous iteration and comes with a carrying case.

A 12-month subscription to Amazon Kids+ is part of the deal! Here's how to score oodles of free stuff from Amazon.

Play Route Game Cube

play route game cube, best gifts for 6-year-old boys Merchant

This electronic, handheld toy comes with four fun light-up games, two of the games are intended to help improve memory and concentration and are puzzle-style; while the other two games focus on hand-eye coordination activities: "Chase Me" and "Catch Me." The cube's volume can be raised, lowered, or completely muted if you don't want the button noises.

This article was originally published on Nov 29, 2023

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