20 Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls 2023

These game-changing gifts for 10-year-old girls are sure to impress.

By Lauren Harden

20 Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls 2023

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If you've got a 10-year-old girl on your holiday gift list this year, you might be scratching your head. Are they still kids or tweens? Do they like dolls or social media dances? Are they still into bikes and trampolines, or do they want to go walk the mall?

Whatever gift recipient is into, we've rounded up some of the best gifts for 10-year-old girls.

What to look for in the best gifts for 10-year-old girls

Katrina Sloan, a home educator at Home Learning Kit, says it's important to look for items that bridge the gap between child and teenager. "I'd look for things like journals, stationery, scrapbooks, crafts, knitting kits, fashion accessories and makeup," she advises.

Dr. Rebecca Mannis, a learning specialist with Ivy Prep, says to look toward games, projects and activities over toys. "The best toys and games are the ones that both challenge the child and are within their zone or capacity to be successful. Girls’ language skills, ability to reflect and problem solve, focus and ability to persist are stronger at this stage."

"Remember, 10-year-old girls are in a phase where they think they're teenagers but developmentally, they're still children," says Sloan. "They can be very conscientious of peer pressure and will want to fit in with their friends while gaining some independence from their parents," she says.

Dr. Mannis agrees and says that they're easily influenced by their social groups. Look for gifts that are trendy to satisfy this.

Our favorite gifts for 10-year-old girls right now

Some of the best gifts for 10-year-old girls include puzzles, room decor, self-care items and more.

Pix Brix Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks

Pix Brix Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks - Pixel Puzzle of The Scream by Edvard Munch, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

This STEAM toy, which builds Munch's "The Scream" builds out a 2D and 3D pixel art piece. It has 6,510 Pix Brix that are reusable and compatible with other sets. The pieces interlock and require nothing to connect them but each other and can be easily disassembled using a special tool that is included.

The app also has 1,000 additional pixel art templates for even more family building and creating fun.

Taco vs. Burrito Card Game

Taco vs Burrito Card Game, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

A card game dreamt up by a seven-year-old, Taco vs. Burrito is fun for two to four players. The goal of the game is to build the most valuable meal, and it's suitable for kids six and up. Each round only takes about 15 minutes to play. It's one of our favorite card games for kids and an easy one for the whole family to love.

Pink Cinema Light Box

tricase pink cinema light box, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

For girls looking to personalize their rooms this light-up box satisfies. It has 100 pink lightbox letters, 100 colorful letters and numbers, 80 standard emoji fragments and 20 different unicorn emojis. It also comes with red, green and pink markers and 13 clear cards to make phrases and designs.

Customize it to say anything a 10-year-old might want. Sixten LED lights power the USB plug-in sign, which can also be battery-operated.

Butterfly Craze Floor Pillow Case

Butterfly Craze Floor Pillow Case, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

For a change of scenery, girls will love this pillowcase lounger. Stuff it with five large pillows, then move it however your child sees fit for studying, lounging or watching TV. The cover is made from soft fabric that is machine washable. Choose from lots of colors and styles, such as pink polka dots and a mermaid print.

At 32 inches wide by 88 inches long, it accommodates children of most sizes. It's one of our fave foldable mattress options for kids.

ASTM-Approved Trampoline

Serene life trampoline, best gifts 10 year old girl Merchant

This safety-certified trampoline measures 12 feet in diameter and can hold up to 352 pounds in total. It weighs 130 pounds and requires some assembly. It has four L-shaped legs and comes with a safety net to keep kids from flying off. Plus, it's weatherproof and rust-proof, made from galvanized metal and reinforced plastic.

She'll love playing for hours with siblings and friends.

Steam Rising Magical Unicorn Bath Toy Spa Kit

Steam Rising Magical Unicorn Bath Toy Spa Kit, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

This self-care kit of bath bombs includes six large 4-ounce fizzy kids' bath bombs. Each contains a surprise unicorn toy inside. The kit also includes a sleeping mask and loofah, both of which feature a unicorn design. The bath bombs are made from all-natural ingredients and no artificial colors and will soothe and moisturize your child's skin.

OUTREE Kids Pod Swing Seat

outree kids hanging swing seat hammock, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

This unique swing seat is a sensory experience where kids can relax. It's made from cotton canvas that is breathable and comfortable and has nylon-reinforced edges for safety. It can hold up to 100 pounds and is usable indoors as a reading nook or sensory pod or outside as a more traditional hammock. Feel safe thanks to an adjustable nylon belt and bolts for installation.

Retrospec Koda Plus Kids Bike

Retrospec Koda Plus Kids Bike, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

The Retrospec Koda Plus bike is a single-speed kid-specific bike that can be ridden on flat neighborhood streets. It has a reach adjustable v-brake like an adult one, as well as an adjustable handlebar and seat. The bike has wide tires for good balance and traction, as well as optimized pedals for kids who need a little bit of a head start.

Choose from five colors and is offered in a toddler bike option if you'd like matching sibling gear. Bikes are one of our most favorite options in gift guides—healthy, happy movement is great for everyone in the family.

Mudpuppy Teacup Kittens Locked Diary for Kids

Mudpuppy Teacup Kittens Locked Diary for Kids, best gifts for 10-year-old girls Merchant

This diary is specifically made for screen-free time for kids. We love that it encourages young writers and creative expression. It has 192 pages, a lock and two keys for security. Petite in size, it measures 6.5 inches by 5.5 inches, perfect for small hands.

The diary features a black cat and floral design on the front and back cover.

Alex DIY Ultimate Wear Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

Alex DIY Wear Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Party Kids Art and Craft Activity, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

This friendship bracelet making kit can make 30 friendship and beaded bracelets using its Friendship Wheel and Loom. The kit includes embroidery floss, a square loom and two round looms. She'll also love the included seed beads, silver beads, metal charm, jump ring, elastic string, beading needles and an instruction booklet.

It's good for parties, play dates and solo time and is recommended for ages 8 and older.

Cool Maker, GO Glam U-nique Metallic Nail Salon

Cool Maker, GO Glam U-nique Metallic Nail Salon, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

This non-toxic nail kit allows young girls to do stamped manis and pedis at home. There are 200 patterns and letters to choose from over five design pods. Additionally, there are four nail polishes included. To use it, girls can just stick a design pod in, turn the dial and press to stamp on their nails.

The full kit includes the nail salon with a dryer and portable stamper, four metallic design pod and a classic design pod. She'll also get four nail polishes, a top coat, a toe separator and easy-to-understand instructions.

Micro Kickboard Micro Cruiser

Micro Kickboard Micro Cruiser, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

Made specifically for children ages 6 to 12, or up to 146 cm in height, this scooter is a win. It features a one-click folding system to make the scooter compact. It has an innovative handlebar for premium steering and control and it can be adjusted as your child grows. It also has 200mm tires, an extra-long brake and can hold up to 220 pounds.

The real draw is that it has light-up front wheels. Check out our guide to the best toddler scooters while you're at it.

Klutz Craft Kit Make Clay Charms

Klutz Craft Kit Make Clay Charms, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

This award-winning craft kit for children 8 and up can make more than 35 different wearable charms from clay. Choose from nine clay colors, a charm bracelet, a shaping tool, glazer with applicator, jump rings and charm loops. We love that it comes with a drying and display stand as well.

Check out the 60-page book with instructions to create charms ranging from an ice cream cone to a sun to a penguin.

Skillmatics Scout it Out Game

Skillmatics Board Game, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

Scout It Out is a Skillmatics guessing game for children seven and older. It focuses on countries of the world. Chidlren can roll the dice to get clues, with the winner of each round being who guesses the correct country first. The first to get five Game Cards is the winner overall.

The game includes a world map, map of Europe, 74 country cards, 35 bonus tokens and a wooden die. Store it all in the included cloth bag. It's the perfect gift for the curious, intellectual tween girl.

Vlando Princess Style Medium Size Jewelry Box

Vlando Princess Style Medium Size Jewelry Box, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

The timeless classic is a three-tier jewelry box that measures 9 inches by 6.7 inches by 6.3 inches, the perfect size for small hands. Choose from eight pastel colors and prints and a cloth bag is included. Made from premium PU leather, it's wipeable and easy to clean. It has a velvet lining and flannel interior for a soft finish.

Fluffie Stuffiez Ice Cream Small Collectible Feature Plush

Fluffie Stuffiez Ice Cream Small Collectible Feature Plush, best gifts for 10 year old girls Merchant

This sensory stuffie has three ways to play: pull it, reveal it or stuff it. Children pull the outer layer of fluff to reveal a second character underneath. Then, children can put the pulled fluff back into the squishy pouch for a second toy. A child can get creative with the ways they pull the fluff off, such as in patterns or designs like hearts or even a mohawk.


  • Katrina Sloan, home educator at Home Learning Kit
  • Dr. Rebecca Mannis, a learning specialist with Ivy Prep

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