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We Love the Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack—Here's Why

This weighted sleep sack has us resting easy.

We Love the Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack—Here's Why


If you're already knee-deep in researching the best baby sleep sacks, you should know about the Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack. That's because it uses the anxiety-reducing concept of weighted blankets for children, only in a clever sack-style design.

What is the Dreamland Baby Sleep Sack?

This Dream Weighted Sleep Sack evenly distributes weight from your baby's shoulders to toes to naturally reduce stress and anxiety while offering a subtle layer of comfort. It feels like a hug from a parent, and won't restrict movement. That's because the gentle weights are designed to let baby safely roll, sit, stand or even play in their sleep space without worry.

It offers a 1.0 TOG level, which is perfect for rooms kept between 68 to 73°F or 21 to 23°C.  We love that it's machine washable, so ready your best laundry detergents—drool and diaper blowouts are no problem. Sleep sack sizes are also based on baby weight, which makes picking the right sack or swaddle an easy task.

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Features we love:

  • Gentle, evenly distributed weight to offer baby a feeling of calm
  • Available in sizes 0 through 36 months
  • Potentially longer stretches of sleep for fussy little ones
  • Reversible neckline for older tummy sleepers
  • 100% cotton for softness and temperature control
  • Two-way zippers for easy diaper changes
  • Tagless for zero irritation
  • Plenty of fun colors to choose from
  • CoverCalm technology helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep longer

Is Dreamland Baby safe?

"I’ve found that babies from zero to six months can benefit from the gentle weight of the swaddle as it gives them a womb-like feeling that can help calm and settle them," explains Dr. Jonathan Jassey, a pediatrician in Woodbury, New York who deems sleep sacks (and weighted sleep sacks) safe for babies.

"As babies grow, up to 36 months, they can continue to use weighted sleep sacks. The even weight distribution from shoulders to toes harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation and can help them relax so they can drift off to sleep easier and stay asleep longer."

These clever sleep sacks and swaddled are a much better alternative to potentially suffocating blankets and stuffed left in even the best baby cribs. Sleep sacks, weighted or unweighted, are designed to offer comfort and the feeling of being snuggled without a sharp elevation in the risk of SIDS or other sleep-related issues.

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In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advises against putting blankets in cribs. If a baby isn't walking and moving into toddler bed territory, the current sleep recommendations are to steer clear of blankets and suffocation risks at all costs.

"Once your little one outgrows the sleep sacks, they can graduate to a weighted blanket designed for toddlers three and older (or at least 30 pounds). Remember, you should never use a weighted blanket in a crib, and it should only be used once your child is old enough to remove weighted sleep products independently."

Where to buy Dreamland Baby Sleep Sacks

The best place to buy Dreamland Baby Sleep Sacks and Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle is the Dreamland website, where the widest range of colors and sizes is available. You can also find select styles on Amazon, where these sacks ship fast and free for Prime members.

Not a Prime member yet? Score a free membership here plus loads of other free stuff from Amazon.

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