Can you use EBT on Amazon? Yes—here's how

EBT beneficiaries can shop some of Amazon's bestselling products and foods with these simple steps.

Can you use EBT on Amazon? Yes—here's how


Amazon is a treasure trove of fast shipping and delivery items of all styles and prices. If you haven't already read up on all the free stuff from Amazon you can get (like this free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box worth over $35), definitely start there. But beyond all the freebies, Amazon is pretty great about taking EBT for those who qualify.

Plus, it's easy to enroll with just a few quick steps.

Does Amazon take EBT?

Yes, in addition to regular Prime Memberships, zillions of audiobooks and TV shows—Amazon is actually one of the EBT-friendliest places to shop for foods online. That's because enrollment is free, easy and takes less than a few minutes. Then you can shop thousands of eligible SNAP/EBT items at fair prices after selecting EBT as your payment method.

The best part? The items you choose—ranging from baby formula to quick meal prep items—ship right to your door in two days or less. That's incredibly valuable for new parents pressed for time, energy and cash.

You can also load Amazon gift cards, your existing credit or debit cards and credits directly into your account. SNAP applicants are able to quickly and seamlessly shop for all sorts of essentials without worry, and everything comes in standard Amazon packaging.

How to enroll your EBT on Amazon

To use your SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)/EBT benefits card on Amazon, simply head to the Amazon Snap page and follow the directions on the screen. There, you'll either add your EBT card information to an existing Amazon account or be taken to a page that allows you to sign up for Prime at a discounted rate.

Don't have Prime and don't want to pay? That's okay, too. Visit this link to get a free trial of Prime for 30 days. That means you won't pay a dime for your membership and will still have full access to EBT shopping with free shipping for about a month.


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Can you use EBT cash on Amazon?

Yes, absolutely! Amazon Prime is an excellent place to stock up on household essentials with EBT cash. Just head to the Amazon Snap page to enroll your SNAP benefits card to get started.

Access to Amazon Fresh is also available in select markets, as well as a large collection of healthy dairy products for the entire household.

Things you can buy with EBT on Amazon

There are thousands of eligible SNAP/EBT items on Amazon for the entire family. Here are a few of our favorite Amazon grocery items for babies and new parents:

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