Bible Stories for Kids: Inspiring Tales of Faith and Courage

Our selection of best bible stories for kids and their benefits.

Bible Stories for Kids: Inspiring Tales of Faith and Courage

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Looking to introduce your kids to the timeless lessons of the Bible? You're in luck! Many biblical stories are perfect for teaching children about love, faith and hope—principles that can positively impact their lives.

We've eliminated the guesswork and found the best Bible stories for kids on Amazon. Whether you're reading to toddlers, engaging with teens, or even looking for an easier way to understand Bible passages yourself, our curated list has something to offer readers of all ages.

What to look for in the best Bible Stories for Kids

Select stories in the New and Old Testaments

Jen Brooks, a Bible teacher, speaker and author of four in-depth Bible studies, suggests selecting stories from both the Old and New Testaments to provide variety when choosing the best stories for your children.

"It’s important to teach children stories from both the Old and New Testaments and present them in a way that they can make personal application to their lives," she explains.

Choose stories that reflect the characteristics of God and Jesus

The best bible stories for kids should also illustrate the characteristics of both God and Jesus.

According to Brooks, "Stories highlighting God's faithfulness can give children a sense of security. Additionally, stories that show how Jesus welcomed children can help them understand their value in God's eyes. Jesus invited young children to come to Him and urged His disciples to allow them to do so."

Seek stories that teach children how to pray


Above all, Brooks emphasizes that Bible stories should teach children how to pray and why prayer is important. "Bible stories about prayer should also be emphasized to children so they learn what prayer is and how to pray," she says. "This helps foster an intimate relationship with God from an early age."

What features to look for in the best Bible Stories for Kids


Children tend to have shorter attention spans than adults, so picking bite-sized Bible stories is smart. These quick tales are perfect for young minds to grasp and can easily become part of your bedtime routine or family bonding time.


When choosing Bible stories for kids, it's important to find books that use simple, age-appropriate language. Also, check the recommended age range to ensure the content matches the child's level of comprehension.

Illustrations and artwork

Since the Bible doesn't contain images, it can be difficult for kids to picture what is happening in its stories. Choose books with bright and colourful artwork to make it easier for them. These visuals can act as a helpful guide and keep them engaged.

Moral lessons or prayers

When choosing the best Bible stories for kids, look for collections that teach important life lessons. The stories will help introduce children to values like faith, hope, and love in a way they can understand.



Countless Bible stories for kids are available on Amazon, making it challenging to pick the best ones. Fortunately, user reviews can guide you in the right direction. For example, books with higher ratings and positive reviews often indicate good quality.

How we chose the best Bible stories for kids

whitespace-pre-wrap default font-sans text-base font-medium text-textMain dark:text-textMainDark selection:bg-super/50 selection:text-textMain dark:selection:bg-superDuper/10 dark:selection:text-superDark">Multiple factors determined our selection of Bible stories for young readers. We assessed each book's price, story length, age-appropriate language, core messages, and artwork.

We also considered what users said about the books and checked other details, such as how they are organized, their overall design, and whether they have a table of contents.

Best Bible Stories for Kids 2024

Best Overall

The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible by Janice Emmerson 

The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible by Janice Emmerson, Best Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

Looking for the overall best Bible storybook for kids? This gem easily takes the crown with its amazing collection of 275 stories, brought to life by 300 stunning two-page illustrations.


Thanks to its easy-to-navigate layout and handy table of contents, it's a hit with children of all ages. Plus, if your little ones want to dive deeper, there are references to the original Bible passages that you can read together.

But this book is not just for kids, as many Amazon reviewers say it simplifies biblical texts that adults may have trouble comprehending. Dee Brown, a verified Amazon shopper, writes, "My eight-year-old granddaughter loves this book and is reading and understanding the many, many stories told in the Bible. The artwork is exceptional. I think this is a much more effective way of sharing the Bible for children - and maybe even some older folks - than the, let's say, the King James Version. I highly recommend this book."

Best Budget-friendly

A Child's First Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor 

A Child's First Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor, Best Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

Packed with a wide variety of tales from both the Old and New Testaments, this book offers exceptional value without compromising on content. From the Garden of Eden to the miracles of Jesus, each story springs to life through simple language and vibrant illustrations. Its compact size also makes it the perfect companion for reading anywhere – whether at home, on the go or even during church services.

Best Design

The Action Bible God's Redemptive Story (Action Bible Series) by Sergio Cariello

The Action Bible God's Redemptive Story (Action Bible Series) by Sergio Cariello, Best Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

Created by a talented comic book artist who has worked with Marvel and DC Comics, this book brings the Bible to life in a captivating comic book format. It includes 25 brand-new stories, 23 expanded tales and 128 pages of stunning artwork that will engage both kids and adults. Plus, with its thoughtful design features like a table of contents, chapter divisions and indices, finding your way through the biblical stories is simple and enjoyable.

According to many Amazon reviewers, this book, much like others we've recommended, can help adults grasp the Bible better. Allison Mierop, a verified Amazon customer, writes, "The KJV Bible can be confusing at times, since the English language has changed so much over the centuries, so this is very helpful to get a better understanding of the history and meanings behind the true stories and the true characters. Comic book style really makes it fun and enjoyable for any age."

Best Rated

The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories

The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories, Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

This bestseller has captured the hearts of families everywhere, boasting a remarkable 4.9-star rating and more than 20,000 five-star reviews. What makes it so special? It's packed with bright, fun pictures and uses words that are easy for young readers to understand. Plus, it doesn't just stick to the classic Bible stories – it also talks about holidays like Christmas and Easter and important events like communion.


This book has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from parents, particularly regarding the morals and lessons it imparts. Mommy Sarah, a verified Amazon customer, writes, "What makes this book exceptional is its ability to convey important moral lessons and values through these beloved stories. Whether it's Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, or the Nativity story, each narrative seamlessly incorporates valuable life lessons of faith, courage, kindness and forgiveness."

Best for Toddlers

The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers by B&H Kids Editorial Staff

The Big Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers, Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

This 38-page Bible book is designed for toddlers, featuring engaging and interactive stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each narrative, from the adventures of Jonah and the Whale to the epic tale of Noah's Ark, is presented in a simple, easy-to-understand format ideal for young children. As you turn each page, you'll discover beautiful illustrations that bring the stories to life, making storytime even more enchanting. Additionally, the book's soft, padded cover ensures it's comfortable for small hands to hold, making it a delightful way to introduce your toddler to the timeless stories of the Bible.

Best for Preschoolers

365 Bible Stories and Prayers by Cottage Door Press 

365 Bible Stories and Prayers, Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

With 200 stories and prayers spread across 384 pages, this book is packed with daily Bible adventures that are perfect for preschoolers. The kid-friendly language and bright, cheerful pictures make each story a joy to read. It's so popular with Amazon shoppers that one Amazon customer, S. Williams, writes, "Purchased this book for my toddler. He loves the pictures and drawings. The stories are very child-appropriate in length and diction."

Best Quick Read

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook, Bible Stories for Kids Merchant

Boasting thousands of five-star reviews and a 4.8-star rating, this book, complete with 104 Bible stories, is a best-seller for a reason. Tailored for children between 6 and 12 years old, it offers quick and meaningful reading sessions with stunning, full-color pictures that will draw any child's attention. Each story concludes with a special prayer, perfect for creating memorable bedtime or family moments. Plus, you can choose the format that best fits your needs, whether it's hardcover, TruTone or a larger print version.



  • Jen Brooks, a Bible teacher, speaker and author of four in-depth Bible studies

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This article was originally published on Jul 10, 2024

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