Bedtime stories for babies and toddlers

These sleepy bedtime stories will send your little ones off to dreamland. Jammies, kisses, lights out!

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlers

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Sleepy Bird

Written and Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard, Scholastic Canada, (AGES 2-5)  

How many different ways have you tried to get your little one to fall asleep? Bird’s friends can relate – trying numerous bedtime rituals to get him to go to bed. $20,

cover art for sleepy bird bookPhoto: Scholastic Books

Crinkle, Crinkle, Little Star

Written by Justin Krasner and Illustrated by Emma Yarlett, Workman Publishing, (AGES 0+)

Your little one will love tracing their fingers over the crinkly constellations as you read each page of this adorable illustrated board book. More than just a bedtime story, this book engages your baby’s sense of sight, hearing and touch all to the familiar tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” $16,

Cover for the board book, Crinkle Crinkle Little star. Show tow blue bears with their respective star constellations overlaid on their bodies.Photo: Workman Publishing


Good Day, Good Night

Written by Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by Loren Long, HarperCollins Canada, (AGES 2-5)

This charming book is from the same author that gave us the beloved bedtime story, Goodnight Moon. Your kids will enjoy looking at the rich detail on each page—see if you can find the animal reading Goodnight Moon to their little ones! $24,

Cover of the book, Good Day, Good night. Shows a cat and a rabbit sitting on a hill looking up at the sky. one side of the sky is day and the other is nightPhoto: HarperCollins

Time For Bed

Illustrated by Thierry Bedouet, Twirl, (AGES 1-4)

Sweet little toddler animals throw out every reason in the book – literally – as to why they can’t go to bed. “I need one last hug, it’s too dark, I can’t find my bunny.” The parent animals patiently reassure their babies into going to sleep. Take notes! $19,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Twirl

Bedtime 123

Written by Eric Walters, Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon, Orca Book Publishers, (AGES 0-3)

When the moon rises and the stars come out, all the animals get cozy in their beds and go to sleep. Count all the different animals that snuggle up—by the time you get to 10 its time to go to sleep! $11,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Orca Book


Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

Written and Illustrated by Bob Shea, Disney-Hyperion, (AGE 3)

Little dinosaur usually wins every battle, but what about the biggest challege of all—bedtime? Little dinosaur roar, roar, roars until he snore, snore, snores. $8,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Disney-Hyperion

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

Written and Illustrated by Eileen Christelow, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, (AGES 0-3)

Our favourite mischievious monkeys each fall off the bed and bump their heads even though doctor keeps telling them no more jumping. By the end of the story your little monkey will be ready for bed, too. $13,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto:

Goodnight, Canada

Written and illustrated by Andrea Lynn Beck, Scholastic Canada, (AGES 0-3)

We may be a little biased, but we love this one! Your baby gets to learn about Canada by saying goodnight to each province and territory and explore illustrations that show just how unique each each is. $10,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Scholastic Books


Goodnight Moon

Written by Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Clement Hurd, HarperCollins, (AGES 3-5)

Bunny wishes a sweet goodnight to everything he can see in this classic book. (We know that this one is technically for kids older than three but everyone – we mean everyone – loves to read this one to their baby!) $11,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: HarperCollins

If I Were A Kangaroo

Written by Mylisa Larsen, Illustrated by Anna Raff, Viking Children’s Books, (AGES 0-3)
Reassure your baby that no matter what, you’ll always put them to sleep with love, even if you’re both kangaroos, bats or giraffes. $24,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Viking Children's Books

It’s Time to Sleep, My Love

Written by Eric Metaxas, Illustrated by Nancy Tillman, Feiwel & Friends, (AGES 1-3)

Send your little one off to sleep with this story full of love. All the animals are sleepy, even the cows, tigers, frogs and hopefully you, so go to sleep my love. The repetition and your voice repeating “my love, my love” with surely lull them to sleep in no time. $9,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Big W


Night Cars

Written by Teddy Jam, Illustrated by Eric Beddows, Groundwood Books, (AGES 0-3)

Baby can’t seem to fall asleep and spends the night watching the cityscape through the window. $12,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: House of Anansi Press


Written and Illustrated by Leslie Patricelli, Candlewick, (AGES 0-3)

Dinner is done. Bye-bye, sun. See you soon. Hello, moon!” Baby goes through his bedtime routine and little ones will be giggling the whole time (especially when this saucy baby takes a naked dance before bathtime!) $11,

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto:

The Going to Bed Book

Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton, Little Simon, (AGE 2)

The animals in this book take you on a journey through their nighttime routine; putting on pyjamas and brushing their teeth which ends in them – and your kid– going to sleep. The short story has a great rhyming scheme and can even be sung as a soft lullaby. $7, 

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: Simon and Schuster


Nighttime Slumber

Written and Illustrated by Jane Sanders, Gibbs Smith, (AGES 0-3)

Here comes a new sensory experience in the world of bedtime board books. Send your little ones off for a sweet slumber with the soothing tones of hushed words, and experience the wonders of whispering. $15, 

Bedtime stories for babies and toddlersPhoto: BNC CataList
This article was originally published on Apr 10, 2017

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