Moms Swear This Viral Baseboard Cleaning Tool is a 'Total Game Changer'

Little ones will never touch icky, dirty baseboards again.

By Vanessa Grant
Moms Swear This Viral Baseboard Cleaning Tool is a 'Total Game Changer'


Napkins? Tissues? Kids don't need them. They wipe their dirty hands on the closest surface—often your walls, door frames or baseboards. Even when they're not disposing of apple sauce or boogers, little kids are always touching things (and sometimes licking them). Bottom line: If you're a parent, you need the Baseboard Buddy.

You probably spend a good amount of time cleaning dust, crayon and unidentified goop off your walls and baseboards. Now you can do so without crawling on your hands and knees. The Baseboard Buddy is so popular—with more than 20,000 shopper ratings and a four-star average on Amazon—that we wonder if it belongs on our newborn checklist.

What is the Baseboard Buddy baseboard cleaning tool?

Whether during tummy time or while crawling, when your baby is at eye—and hand and tongue—level with baseboards, having a tool that will remove dust and grime quickly and easily is important. The Baseboard Buddy has a contoured cleaning head with reusable pads that conform to basically any molding.

The head swivels and the handle is adjustable up to four feet and it collapses for easy storage.

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Features we love:

  • Extendable handle that helps get to hard-to-reach places
  • Reusable, washable cleaning pads that save time, money and the environment
  • Can be used dry or with soapy water
  • Affordable
  • Functions similar to a Swiffer, but with a head that's angled just right for baseboards and molding
  • The only tool we've see that helps reach high crown molding without arm or shoulder strain

How to use this baseboard cleaning tool

While the Baseboard Buddy can be used dry to capture dust, add a little soap and water and you can use it to scrub away stubborn stuck-on food and other dirt with the textured microfiber pad. It's perfect for baseboards, trim and crown molding. It can also be used, as the manufacturers suggest, for "chair rails, banisters, fireplace mantles, and much more."

But seriously, the biggest benefit is not getting down on your hands and knees to clean all the nooks and crannies of your home. Whether you're pregnant, recovering from a c-section or just can't be bothered (we're in this category), it's a genius little helper.

baseboard cleaning tool, baseboard buddy Merchant

The best Baseboard Buddy baseboard cleaning tool reviews

"The hype is real," says verified Amazon purchaser, Mark, who gave the Baseboard Buddy five stars. "This thing is real, one of those so simple items I wish I would have come up with it. Out of the box did a dry run real quick and was able to get all dust and dirt off the baseboards quickly without getting on my hands and knees. Deep-cleaned later by wetting the mop and looks even better."


Jennifer, who admitted to having never cleaned her baseboards in three years of living in her home, says "I put it together in about two minutes and took it for a test drive. I dusted my entire downstairs, above the doors and along the stair rails in about 15 minutes!"

"This is great for cleaning of baseboards," shares five-star reviewer, Mary Zandvliet. "My baseboards were very dusty and needed big-time cleaning! I am not able to get on my knees to clean and this keeps me from having to go up and down to clean my baseboards."

Where to buy the Baseboard Buddy baseboard cleaning tool

Spring cleaning is officially underway, and these genius tools sell like hotcakes. Want one fast before it's sold out? Head to Amazon. It's available to ship to the United States and Canada and is just $25.

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This article was originally published on Feb 21, 2023

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