3 easy ways to use store-bought pie dough

Pull that store-bought pie dough out of the fridge, add a few basic ingredients, and you've got an easy snack, dessert or dinner on the go.

3 easy ways to use store-bought pie dough

Photo: Erik Putz

Easy-to-assemble hand pies

Greek spinach hand pies

Frozen pie dough is your new best friend. These tasty pies can be whipped up in no time for a savoury snack or quick app when unexpected guests drop by. Get the recipe: Greek spinach hand pies


spinach spiePhoto: Erik Putz

Jamaican beef hand pies

On chilly days, there's nothing quite like a Jamaican patty to warm up the soul. These pies are easy to pull together and the not-to-spicy filling will please your picky eater. Get the recipe: Jamaican beef hand pies


Jamaican beef piePhoto: Erik Putz


Maple-pumpkin hand pie

Indulge those PSL cravings with the real deal—a pumpkin spice pie-for-one! This easy to pull together pie is the perfect cozy dessert. Get recipe: Maple-pumpkin hand pie 


Maple pumpkin hand piePhoto: Erik Putz

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