Roasted Root Vegetables


  • Makes4 servings
Roasted Root Vegetables

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Once roasted, root vegetables take on another personality. They caramelize and soften, becoming something so irresistible, even veggie haters acquiesce.


  • 2 large Yukon Gold potatoes

  • 2 sweet potatoes

  • 6 small parsnips

  • 750 g squash, cut into 1 1/2-in. cubes

  • 2 onions, (peeled but root left intact), cut into 6 wedges

  • 1 head garlic, (cloves left whole), peeled and ends trimmed

  • 6 tbsp canola oil


  • You’ll need two 13 x 9 in. (3.5 L) roasting pans, one of which must be safe to go on the stovetop. Plan to roast the vegetables the day you want to serve the Curried Roasted Vegetables. The second pan is used to make soup another day.

  • Preheat oven to 500°F (260°C). Cut the potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips into thick, french-fry sized sticks. Set aside the onions and garlic. Arrange half of the remaining vegetables in each roasting pan.

  • Drizzle each pan with 3 tbsp oil. Using your hands, rub oil along the bottom and sides of the pan, and distribute among vegetables evenly. Season each pan with salt and pepper. Place pans in the oven and roast 15 minutes. Add half of the onions and garlic to each pan, mixing in well with the vegetables. Roast another 30 to 40 minutes (or until golden brown and tender), taking the pans out and turning the vegetables once, halfway.

  • Remove pans from oven. Those in the stovetop-safe pan will become Curried Roasted Vegetables. Allow the other pan to cool, transferring cooled contents to a sealed container. Refrigerate (up to three days) then use in Creamy Roasted Vegetable Soup.

This article was originally published on Oct 01, 2006

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