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World Of Nintendo Mario Kart RC Anti-Gravity Motorcycle

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Best for Mario fans ages 5 and up who are into RC toys
Top benefits Develops motor skills, teaches kids directions
Considerations Takes some practice to get comfortable operating the remote control
Bottom line Complete with cool anti-gravity mode, the World of Nintendo Mario Kart RC Anti-Gravity Motorcycle is a remote-control toy your little racer will rave about.
Buy CAD $59.99 USD $39.99


  • Wheels flip horizontally to hover in anti-gravity mode
  • On/off switch on remote control and motorcycle
  • Battery-operated controller


Everyone’s favourite video-game plumber now now has a new way to get around. The World Of Nintendo Mario Kart RC Anti-Gravity Motorcycle will get kids’ attention and teach them directional and spatial skills. Like most RC vehicles, this one is a thrill to play with, and kids don’t have to be familiar with the video game or the Super Mario world at all to enjoy it. This toy comes fully assembled and ready to roll. One of its coolest features is the “anti-gravity” mode, in which the vehicle’s wheels go from rolling to a flat position, parallel to the floor, so it moves sideways for drifts and other tricks. This mode takes a bit of time to master, but it’s well worth the learning curve.

The anti-gravity mode is completely different from any other toy they’ve played with. It definitely adds a whole new level in terms of figuring it out and doing more sweet tricks.”  —Jess, mom of two