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VTech Touch and Discover Sensory Turtle

VTech Touch and Discover Sensory Turtle

Best forBabies 3 months to 2 years

Top BenefitsTextures and dangling toys, interactive songs and sounds with adjustable volume, large, soft button on the turtle’s shell activates coloured lights

ConsiderationsRequires 2 AAA batteries

Bottom lineYour little one will have a ball exploring their senses with the Touch and Discover Sensory Turtle.


walmart.caCAD $24.99
amazon.comUSD $19.99


  • Plush turtle features dangling toys and mirror, crinkle sounds in the front feet
  • Colourful, squishy button on turtle's shell lights up, activates songs and sounds, and encourages interaction
  • Legs and head can be tucked in to transform the turtle into a ball


When it comes to electronic toys, the best bet for kids and parents alike is finding a balance of educational, entertaining and not-too obtrusive. The VTech Touch and Discover Sensory Turtle offers multiple opportunities to learn and explore, and this seemingly placid plush turtle has a lot going on to stimulate the senses. Its head and feet can be tucked in to create a rolling ball shape; a soft button in the centre of the “shell” lights up and plays various sounds, music and phrases; and many textures and hidden dangling toys offer tactile interaction. Longevity and versatility are key features, as this tortoise is meant for babies from three months to two years, but we found its many pockets and components held the interest of even older kids. Another nice feature: After a period of inactivity, this little turtle turns off on its own—music to any parent’s ears!

I’m very impressed with the construction and with how well my baby engages with all the pieces, pockets and crinkly feet (and he hasn’t even yet discovered how to push the head and legs in and out of the shell). When I really need him to give me five more minutes, I turn on the sound, and he’s entranced.” —Colleen, mom of one

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