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Skip Hop Avocado Stroller Toy

By Lisa Fielding

Skip Hop Avocado Stroller Toy

Best forBabies from birth

Top BenefitsHelps teach spacial awareness, easily attaches to most strollers

ConsiderationsSpot clean only

Bottom lineAdorable and easy to attach to your stroller, the Avocado Stroller Toy makes a great travel companion for your little one.


indigo.caCAD $12.95


  • Plastic ring attaches to most stroller bumper bars and baby carriers
  • Velcro holds avocado halves together, and gives some resistance when baby tries pulling them apart
  • Colourful beads in avocado's rattle


There’s nothing hipper than avocados these days—and when said avocado has cute little arms and legs and an adorable wee smile, babies (and hip parents) just can’t resist. The plush green Skip Hop Avocado Stroller Toy hangs from a plastic ring that opens so it can be attached to the bumper bar of a stroller—it’s about the size of two large avocados and opens to reveal a tiny rattle that can be kicked or shaken. By opening and closing the two halves, which are connected by Velcro, baby can practise spatial awareness—a fancy way of saying they’ll learn how things are related when they change position.

I am in love with this toy. My baby likes to shake it around, and my toddler even enjoys making the avocado halves hug and kiss each other. It’s a terrific addition to our carefully curated toy collection.” —Colleen, mom of one