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Sago Mini Jinja’s Jet

Sago Mini Jinja’s Jet

Best forPreschoolers age 3 and up who are interested in planes and travel

Top BenefitsFun set that allows your kid’s imagination to soar, very good quality, easy to assemble

ConsiderationsIncludes small parts

Bottom lineA sturdy toy with durable finishes, Sago Mini Jinja's Jet can withstand any turbulence your little one creates as they take to the skies during playtime.


indigo.caCAD $24.95
spinmaster.comUSD $19.99


  • Comes with pilot Jinja and two travelling gnomes, Tom and Astrid
  • Airplane features seats for the three figures and a luggage compartment
  • Accessories include suitcase, eye mask, selfie-stick, juice box and teddy bear


Get ready for takeoff with this play jet geared to the preschool crowd. The Sago Mini Jinja's Jet set comes with three figures, travel accessories (including a selfie-stick, natch) and miniature luggage adding to this toy’s jet-setting charm. Kids will love loading up the cargo hold and taking Jinja and her gnome pals on an adventure. Adult assembly is required, but just involves quickly snapping together the plane's nine parts. Made of durable plastic that can stand up to not-so-smooth landings, Jinja's Jet is a great pick for little ones who aren’t looking for finicky moving parts, just a simple plane to hone their pretend-piloting skills.

The plastic quality of the Sago Mini Jet feels super durable! This is a mega bonus for a plastic toy. It’s also very cute.” —Sabrina, mom of two

This article was originally published on Oct 12, 2018

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