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Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Best forLittle speed demons ages 6 and up

Top BenefitsEncourages problem-solving and strategizing, connects to other Hot Wheels sets

ConsiderationsAdult assembly required, motor is loud, lots of floorspace needed

Bottom lineThe Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set will test your kid's timing and strategy skills as they try to launch their vehicles while avoiding major crashes.


walmart.caCAD $74.97


  • Track features 3 crash zones and 3 high-speed booster zones
  • 1 Hot Wheels car included
  • Battery-operated motor (batteries not included)


Your junior Jimmie Johnson or Danica Patrick will have their engines all revved up and ready to go with the Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set. Some parental involvement will be necessary to follow the easy-to-understand instructions while building this sizeable track, but once it's complete, operating the toy is simple. Kids will have a blast watching as their cars take off at super-fast speeds while performing stunts and trying to take the lead. Three power boosters keep cars zooming around the three big loops. The end goal? Avoid crashing into other cars at all costs! Our toy testers loved playing with this set on their own or racing against friends. The track can be loud when activated, so be prepared for some noise. And while the Corkscrew Crash Track proved durable, it does takes up quite a bit of room, so make sure you have ample floor and storage space. Only one vehicle is included, but other Hot Wheels cars will also work on the track (just check for size compatibility). The more cars you add to the track, the more exciting the game becomes!

I was very impressed with the track circuit—it was far more complex than any my kids have played with before, with three loops and very cool-looking middle chambers.” —Elsie, mom of two
This article was originally published on Oct 13, 2018

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