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Lego Duplo Steam Train

Lego Duplo Steam Train

Best forPreschoolers ages 2 to 5 who love trains, building toys and tactile play

Top BenefitsDurable, sparks creativity, builds motor skills, works with or without the app

ConsiderationsRequires 4 AAA batteries

Bottom lineThe Lego Duplo Steam Train is perfect for toddlers who love trains and building toys. It features movable action bricks to control sounds, lights and the train’s movement, or kids can take control with an interactive app.

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  • 59-piece set includes train tracks, train with a push-to-go motor, train station, 2 figures and more
  • 5 colour-coded action bricks activate sounds, lights and direction of travel
  • Connects to the Lego Duplo Connected Train app for remote-control function


It’s all aboard for a good time with the Lego Duplo Steam Train. This chunky train set is perfectly designed for little conductors’ hands, building fine motor skills and sparking creativity at the same time. A train station, tracks, two Duplo figures and a bold red train come with the play set, but one of its best features is the coloured “action” bricks that can be placed anywhere on the tracks. These bricks prompt actions as the train chugs along its track, including blowing the whistle, refuelling (pausing and making a fuelling-up sound), turning on lights, reversing direction and stopping. Once assembled with the help of a grown-up (you'll need to install four AAA batteries in the engine), kids were thrilled by the Steam Train and played happily alone with not just the train tracks but also its characters. (Bonus: If your kid already has another Lego Duplo train set, the tracks can be combined with this one to make unique railway.) Kids can also control the train with the Lego Duplo Connected Train app, which features a cheerful animated engineer. Of course, Lego Duplo is famous for being super durable and able to stand up to years of punishing preschooler play, and this train set is no exception. If the train takes a tumble off a couch or even down a set of stairs, the engine and rail car piece snaps back together easily, so your kid can get back to the very serious business of keeping the trains running.

It's a really cute toy and a great alternative to those massive train tables and electric tracks. Once assembled, my son went off into his little train world for a solid 30 minutes, easily re-arranging the tracks and moving the little people in and out of the trains and the train station.” —Katherine, mom of two

This article was originally published on Oct 13, 2018

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