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Kanoodle Head-to-Head

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Best for Kids ages 7 and up who like the challenge of a one-on-one, race-to-the-finish game
Top benefits Fun two-player game, encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills, compact
Considerations Challenge card holder can be damaged with prolonged use (but game is playable without it)
Bottom line Kanoodle Head-to-Head is the perfect dose of adrenaline as you race to correctly place puzzle pieces on your board and launch your opponent’s pieces from their board before they beat you to it!


  • 40 double-sided challenge cards (80 challenges)
  • 16 puzzles pieces
  • All pieces fit neatly inside the game for easy storage and travel


Kanoodle Head-to-Head turns the original single-player puzzle game on its head, making it a two-player game where kids match wits against each other—with explosive results. To play, a challenge card is inserted into a slot and then both players race to complete the challenge and be the first to press the Kanoodle button, popping up their opponent’s board and scattering the pieces. Parents will appreciate that this game gets their kids away from screens and enhances problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, while kids will love the challenge of trying to best friends and siblings. Bonus: All pieces tuck away inside the compact game, making it ideal for travel.

I love that it challenges his mind and mine too. It’s a great option instead of his go-to favourite video games!” —Tammy, mom of two