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Fisher-Price Dance and Groove Rockit

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Best for Babies and toddlers, from 6 months to 3 years
Top benefits Encourages bilingual learning, volume can be adjusted
Considerations Includes flashing lights that may trigger epilepsy in sensitive people
Bottom line The Fisher-Price Dance and Groove Rockit offers plenty of interactive songs, sounds and sights to keep your little one entertained.
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  • Rockit speaks in English and French to encourage bilingual learning
  • Loaded with more than 100 songs and phrases
  • Microphone recorder for customized interaction


With so many toys vying for kids’ (and parents’) attention, each new addition needs a little edge—and this one comes with all the bells and whistles, and is bilingual to boot. The Fisher-Price Dance and Groove Rockit offers entertainment and learning, with Rockit saying phrases first in English and then in French, and there’s even an option to record and play back your own speech. Adults may find the brightly coloured character a bit much; it moves to the music and flashes lights, and even the low volume setting isn’t the quietest. But even if baby can’t understand what Rockit is saying, the bright colours, multiple textures and songs are sure to keep her entertained.

It’s a very cool looking toy and it keeps my daughters attention. It has various modes and settings and you can engage with it in a few ways. I also love that it interacts in French and English.” —Nicole, mom of one