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Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game

Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game

Best forToddlers and preschoolers ages 2 and up

Top BenefitsDevelops dexterity, coordination and logic

ConsiderationsNo storage bag included

Bottom lineThe Weathering Balancing Game is a simple, fun-for-the-whole-family game that helps develop fine motor skills and problem solving.


amazon.comUSD $16.99


  • Weather-focused symbols are balanced on an upside-down umbrella
  • Durable wooden shapes, including suns, lightning bolts, raindrops, snowflakes, rainbows and clouds
  • Child-friendly paints, stains and lacquers


Stacking toys are fun for little ones—especially when the pieces fall!—but even better, they promote coordination and fine motor skills. The Weather Balancing Game, suitable for one or more players, is big on dexterity, but also teaches turn-taking, creativity and problem solving. The goal is to see how high you can stack the wooden weather symbols, including suns, lightning and rainbows, on the upturned umbrella before they collapse. Even if kids aren’t coordinated enough to play the game, toddlers can use their imaginations to play with the pieces, all while learning about the weather. The 13 pieces are too large to present a choking hazard for little ones, and the cute design and compelling challenge makes it fun for the entire family. Expect to find yourself pulled into this game when rainy-day boredom hits.

I appreciate encouraging the use of balancing, learning about the weather and increase of dexterity and creativity. The bright, colourful designs and pieces are a plus.” —Jennifer, mom of two
This article was originally published on Oct 13, 2018

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