Granola bars

Taste of Nature Granola Bars

Taste of Nature Granola Bars

Best forParents looking a granola bar that offers nutritional quality with whole ingredients and great taste

Top BenefitsOrganic ingredients, easy-to-read packaging

ConsiderationsSlightly sticky texture

Bottom lineTaste of Nature Granola Bars are made from organic ingredients, have a pretty good nutritional profile for a snack bar, and kids are big fans of the flavour options.

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  • Made with certified organic ingredients
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Vegan and Kosher


When your kids are in danger of hitting their hangry maximum, Taste of Nature Granola bars are a great snack option that won't have you sacrificing nutrition for flavour. Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and organic, these granola bars are made from recognizable ingredients and come in three great flavours: Chocolate Pecan Brownie, Oatmeal Cookie and Key Lime Pie. Our parent testers felt good about giving these granola bars to their kids based on the ingredients, and were happy with each bar’s nutritional quality. The kids enjoyed eating them, too, which is kind of the point.

The bar doesn't crumble, so I could hand it to my daughter in pieces or as a whole and she could eat it without making a mess. It was perfect to give her a piece when I picked her up from daycare and let her eat in the car seat on our way home." —Alyssa, mom of one

Registered dietitian Cara Rosenbloom  provided her feedback on each granola bar we tested through a blind nutritional analysis. Focusing her analysis on a 30-gram serving size, she found that Taste of Nature Granola Bars have an impressive 4.5-gram fat content and relatively average protein, sugar and fibre content in comparison to the other granola bars we tested.

None of our parent testers had difficulties locating or understanding the nutritional information or ingredients on the packaging to judge this information for themselves. Plus, Taste of Nature Granola Bars earned major points for being made of ingredients you’d be able to pronounce as well as find in your own kitchen. They’re also individually wrapped so you won’t have a problem tossing this bar in your kid’s lunch box (and maybe even your own). Taste of Nature Granola are easy to eat on-the-go without creating a trail of crumbs, although our parents did find their kids needed some assistance with getting the wrapper open.

They taste great, have solid ingredients and great nutritional value. And are Canadian made! Can't ask for much more.” —Laura, mom of one

When it comes to flavour, Taste of Nature Granola Bars earned the approval of the most discerning testers: kids. While opinions varied from really liking the granola bar’s chewier texture to only feeling so-so about it, the majority of parents still reported that their kids wanted to eat more. Parents felt good about giving their kids Taste of Nature Granola Bars based on their ingredients, and were happy with their nutritional quality and serving size.

Final word

Parents were satisfied with the Taste of Nature Granola Bars, giving them good or very good ratings for quality and ease of use. The majority felt these granola bars were better than others they’ve tried and said they would purchase Taste of Nature Granola Bars the next time they’re picking up snack bars. Yummy, chewy and made from whole ingredients you'd find in a kitchen, editors were also impressed with these convenient, healthier granola bars.

Tech Specs

    Key Lime Pie: oats*, cane sugar*, brown rice syrup*, palm fruit oil*, concentrated pomegranate juice*, light molasses*, natural lime flavour, sea salt, citric acid, agar. *Organic
    Chocolate Pecan Brownie: oats*, cane sugar*, brown rice syrup*, pecans*, palm fruit oil*, cocoa powder*, light molasses*, agar, sea salt, natural flavours. *Organic
    Oatmeal Cookie: oats*, cane sugar*, brown rice syrup*, dates* (dates*, oat flour*), pecans*, desiccated coconut*, palm fruit oil*, light molasses*, cinnamon*, sea salt, agar, natural flavour, nutmeg*. *Organic

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