I Use My Jeep Stroller Wagon Daily and Love It

How did I ever go so long without a Jeep wagon?

I Use My Jeep Stroller Wagon Daily and Love It

Lauren Harden

One of the great modern parenting debates (besides how many onesies you need for a newborn): to wagon stroller or to not wagon stroller? A wagon stroller is a clutch piece of kid gear that can help families manage multiple children at once, navigate rough terrain and keep all your kid-related stuff in one place.

There's one I've had my eye on in particular for carting things to and from soccer, the farmers market and the playground and that's the Jeep wagon stroller.

What is a Jeep wagon stroller?

The Jeep wagon stroller is a foldable, portable wagon stroller perfect for carting children and their stuff around. It can grow with your family and has three modes: wagon mode (just for stuff), stroller mode (with two 5-point safety harnesses to hold two children) and car seat mode (it comes with a car seat adapter to fit several car seat styles).

jeep wagon stroller, jeep wagon stroller review Lauren Harden

It has all the bells and whistles, including a detachable canopy, mesh side panels, tons of pockets for storage and a cup holder. Some styles even come with a detachable Jeep-branded cooler bag that can hold up to six cans. With four wheels, including two swivel front wheels, the Jeep Wrangler stroller wagon is a breeze to maneuver. It also has all-terrain puncture-proof tires.

This top-rated Jeep wagon also has roughly 1,500 glowing Amazon ratings with a nearly-perfect 4.8-star average.

My Jeep wagon stroller review

I was super excited to get the Jeep wagon stroller even though I only have one toddler. I do, however, have a small dog that thinks he's my child, which makes corralling both of them alone a little difficult with or without my regular stroller.


With the Jeep wagon stroller, I'm able to put them both safely in one piece of gear, as well as all my soccer stuff and or farmers market haul. I love the storage pocket for easy, practical access.

This wagon stroller is full-size, heavy-duty and feels considerably substantial. It's easy to assemble, although there is one step that was missing from my particular instruction manual, so be sure to remove the safety caps on the back bar before installing. It took about 10 minutes to fully assemble by myself.

It steers well, especially going over grass or the numerous tree roots in my yard—giving the much more expensive Veer Wagon a run for its money. I'm also excited to have a way to take my neighbor's toddler to the playground without having to walk slowly with them both or push two strollers.

jeep stroller wagon, jeep wagon stroller review Lauren Harden

My only issue with the Jeep Wagoneer stroller is that it's a little heavy, which is unsurprising considering that it's made for serious carting business. It clocks in north of 40 pounds, which made it slightly difficult to lift it up myself to put in my mid-size SUV trunk. It also takes my entire trunk, but for someone with a larger vehicle, it may not quite as consuming.


Overall, it beats a double travel stroller for my family's needs and makes getting around an easy task. And there's a bonus for parents with tiny babies—you can even attach infant-ready convertible car seats.


  • Compact folds
  • Loads of cargo space
  • Gorgeous long wheelbase
  • Sturdy enough for stroller road trips through amusement parks—without a steering wheel or gas!


  • Bulkier than a typical umbrella stroller

How to fold the Jeep stroller wagon

jeep stroller wagon folded, jeep wagon stroller review Lauren Harden

The Jeep Wagoneer stroller is easy and intuitive to fold, even easier than my Uppababy Vista:

  • First, unlock the brake
  • Remove the canopy and store it in the side pocket
  • Then, pull the tab up from the middle of the interior section
  • Then, secure the side latch

Where to buy the Jeep stroller wagon

You can buy the Jeep wagon stroller (and Jeep Deluxe Wagon Stroller) at Amazon or Walmart for around $400, depending on what style and upgrades you choose. It's an investment piece, but one that is

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This article was originally published on May 03, 2023

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