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Uresta Bladder Support

Uresta Bladder Support

Best forWomen looking for a reusable device to prevent bladder leaks caused by stress urinary incontinence

Top BenefitsPrevents bladder leaks, reusable, can be worn up to 24 hours at a time

ConsiderationsCannot be used during menstruation

Bottom lineUresta Bladder Support effectively helps prevent bladder leakage caused by laughing, jumping, running, sneezing, coughing—anything that puts stress on your pelvic muscles. Most of our mom testers were impressed with how well it prevented leaks that had caused them some anxiety in the past, and they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other moms.


uresta.comCAD $299


  • Starter Kit includes sizes three, four and five
  • Travel case for storage and air-drying
  • Flexible grip handle for easy insertion and removal


If you tend to pee a little when you sneeze or go for a run, you're not alone. Stress urinary incontinence is quite common among women after having a baby. Many moms use pads or liners to contain leaks, but another option is a bladder support product to prevent the leaks in the first place. Uresta Bladder Support is a reusable device that's inserted vaginally; its bell shape is designed to gently presses against the vaginal wall, helping to support the urethra and therefore prevent leaks. Our editors found there's a lot to like about the product from a quality and reusability standpoint. But to really put Uresta to the test, we had to find out whether it's easy to insert and comfortable to wear, and, of course, if it works. So we sent devices to moms who experience stress urinary incontinence to try it out and tell us what that think—and most were really impressed.


In a word: Yes. One of our testers wasn't able to find the right size and fit, but the rest of the moms told us that Uresta completely prevented bladder leakage or significantly reduced the amount and frequency of urine leaked—and this was across a range of typical stressors, from laughing, coughing and sneezing to low, moderate and vigorous physical activity. Moms could enjoy a good laugh without immediate worry of a leak, or skip having to wear a pad at the gym. They said the bladder support makes managing bladder leakage easier and less awkward, and they prefer using Uresta over pads and liners.

Often, when I sneeze, you can hear me groan after because I wet my pants and I don’t always wear a liner. I didn’t need to worry about this with Uresta.” —Melanie, mom of one

Comfort also matters. While you may feel the Uresta at first, it's pretty common not to notice it at all after a while. After a few hours with the bladder support in place, most moms said they couldn't feel it. One mom even said her main concern was forgetting to take it out because she couldn't feel it at all.


Uresta is available in five sizes (two through six), and finding the right one for you is key to ensure it works properly. The Uresta Starter Kit comes with sizes three, four and five—the most popular ones. Our testers told us that figuring out the sizing is a bit confusing, but all but one were able to find their size in the end. (It's worth noting that if you aren't able to get a good fit, you can call Uresta and they'll send you a smaller or larger size at no cost. And if you're still not able to use it comfortably, they offer a money-back guarantee on the starter kit.) The best way to go about sizing is to try the smallest size first and work your way up until you find the size that's both comfortable and effective.

Inserting the Uresta Bladder Support might take a little getting used to at first, and a water-based lubricant may help. There's a small, flat handle at the bottom for you to hold onto, and you insert it much like a tampon, pushing it in the direction of your spine. It's also worth nothing that one of our testers said she found it very easy to insert from the get-go, likely because she uses a Diva Cup during menstruation. Most of our parent testers said getting the Uresta in the correct position (and getting it to stay there) was somewhat easy to very easy. (Tip: Want to be sure it's no going anywhere and it's going to work? Cough—if you don’t urinate, you’ll know it’s working.) Moms found removal pretty easy, too. If you can't find the handle, you'll need to bear down, similar to passing a bowel movement, push until the Uresta lowers to a point you can reach.

One of the things we really like about the Uresta is it can be worn all day—you just have to take it out and wash it once every 24 hours with a mild, fragrance-free soap and let it air dry in its case. One of our testers said she liked how the case allowed for discretion—no need to leave it sitting out in the open as it air dries.


The Uresta is made out of durable, medical-grade plastic that's nonabsorbent and free of phthalates, latex and silicone. Our editors were impressed with the device's construction, finding the plastic high-quality, smooth and strong. While Uresta is reusable, the company recommends replacing it yearly.

I'm relieved to have a more green solution to my leaks. It is preventative in nature rather than a Band-Aid solution of soaking up leaks.” —Vanessa, mom of two

At a cost of $299 per year, Uresta is a bit of an up-front investment. But depending on how often you use liners and pads to manage bladder leaks, it may save you money in the long run. Plus, some health plans cover the cost of Uresta as a medical device, which means it may cost you nothing at all.


If you’re looking for an alternative to single-use incontinence products, Uresta is a great option to consider. It’s reusable for a year and effectively prevents bladder leaks for the majority of users. Our editors were impressed with the quality and construction of the device, and we know eco-conscious moms will appreciate a reusable option. Aside from the one mom who wasn't able to find the right fit, our testers gave Uresta good and very good ratings for ease of use and quality. Some of our testers were a bit lukewarm on the value, with half saying they would purchase it, but one mom noted that while she didn't think she'd use it enough to justify the price, it would be well worth it if she was going to the gym daily. Given its effectiveness, it's not surprising that most of our testers said they would recommend it to other moms and felt it's worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal.

Tech Specs

    Size 2: 1.3 in.
    Size 3: 1.5 in.
    Size 4: 1.7 in.
    Size 5: 1.9 in.
    Size 6: 2.0 in.
    Nonabsorbent thermoplastic elastomer
    Free of phthalates and latex

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