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Exact Bladder Control Pads

Exact Bladder Control Pads

Best forFor moms needing a basic bladder control pad that offers good leak protection and high absorbency

Top BenefitsHigh absorbency, good leak protection, stretchy curved elastic sides, soft and gentle cottony material

ConsiderationsFairly bulky

Bottom lineExact Bladder Control Pads is the simple solution to prevent against post-natal leakage with its soft, absorbent padding.

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  • High absorbency and leak protection
  • Stretchy sides for cupped fit
  • Soft padding that's super absorbent


Time for #realtalk: Leaking pee—technically called urinary incontinence—after having children is a condition that’s pretty common. So when you need a bladder control pad, one thing’s for sure: You want to be confident it will contain any moisture. Exact Bladder Control Pads are budget-friendly option that will allow you to go about your day—not to mention cough or sneeze—without the stress of possible leaks.


The Exact Bladder Control Pads got top marks for leak protection: Not one of our testers experienced a leak. In our lab testing, water was effectively diverted to the sides of the pad, where it wasn’t so full, and the side guards protected against any leakage. Our editors found the pads are great at overall absorbency and wetness protection, and also absorb liquid quickly. Each individually wrapped pad separates from its gauze wrapper quietly and easily, and the adhesive is sticky enough that it won’t shift around, but not so sticky that the pad is difficult to remove from underwear. You can trust the pad's effectiveness at night, too.

These pads never leaked or shifted. They are long enough for complete coverage, whether you're standing or lying down.” —Lisa, mom of three

A trade-off for the excellent leak containment is that the pads aren’t super-slim. One mom said Exact Bladder Control Pads are wider than other heavy pads she has used, which wasn't an issue for her but could be for others. In the lab, our editors noted that the while the pads are on the bulky side, their stretchy sides helped give them a more comfortable "cupped" shape. (The pads' thickness could come in handy for another situation, too: One mom suggested they would be excellent for postpartum bleeding.)

I liked the product because it was very easy to use and absorbent.” —Jeanne, mom of two

The softness of the pads' cotton-enhanced material and the curved elastic sides, which are soft and stretchy, are big pluses. Most of our mom testers reported that the pads were gentle against their skin, and felt adequately flexible when they were active, making them feel confident in going about their day.


Most of our parent testers felt Exact Bladder Control Pads made managing leaks easier and less embarrassing or awkward, and the majority found they were very good value for the price. While the bulkiness of the Exact Bladder Control Pads might mean they're not for everyone, our testers unanimously agreed that they're worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal because they offer high absorbency and good odour control and leak protection.

This article was originally published on Jan 22, 2018

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