Paper towels

Royale Tiger Towel

Product Reviews Approval Seal

Best for Families who want a paper towel that can effectively clean up messes with as little as one sheet
Top benefits Thick, sturdy and tear-resistant, also available in half-sheet rolls
Considerations Texture is somewhat coarse
Bottom line It’s easy to rip off a single sheet of Royale Tiger Towel when you need one in a hurry, and both our editors and parent testers were impressed by how well this product soaked up messes and held up during cleaning


  • Strength of sheet allows you to wring out and reuse
  • Sheet thickness offers premium absorbency
  • Pick-a-size option to reduce waste when you don't need a full sheet
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified


For many of us, a paper towel is the handy go-to for tackling household messes like greasy spots and wet spills. And when our Today’s Parent Approved lab and parent testers put Royale Tiger Towel through its paces, we discovered it’s definitely up to the task. Not only did the Today’s Parent Approved editors find it to be one of the most durable and absorbent paper towels we tested, parents thought it was easy to tear off with one hand and that it offered good value.

When spills happen, you want a paper towel that’s going to soak up a lot of liquid. In our lab testing, we found that one sheet of Royale Tiger towel absorbed just over 6½ teaspoons of water without dripping, performing among the best of the paper towels we tested. Meanwhile, in everyday use, three out of four parent testers said they could easily clean up a substantial spill with only one sheet.

It has excellent absorbency when cleaning up any types of messes, including stickier spills like honey. For cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, they can be rinsed, wrung out and reused easily, which gives these towels great value and makes a roll last a fairly long time.” —Constance, mom of one

The last thing you want during a messy cleanup is for the paper towel to rip or disintegrate. To test paper towel strength in our lab, one person held a wet sheet while another placed quarters on top. One Royale Tiger Towel held an impressive 74 quarters before ripping. We also put the paper towel to work scrubbing jam residue off a carpet, and it took six passes before the towel started to shred and a full 11 scrubs for it to actually tear, making it one of the most durable of the towels we tested. Our editors and parent testers also found Royale paper towels are sturdy enough when wet to wring out and reuse.

Using a paper towel is straightforward, but it can be tricky to rip off a sheet when you’re in a rush. Not so with Royale Tiger Towel—it tore cleanly from the roll in our lab testing. One parent tester who tried the paper towels at home even said it was easy to tear off a sheet with one hand while carrying a child in the other arm.

I like that they were thick, so they didn’t break apart easily.” —Megan, mom of one

Spills are going to happen, particularly when you have young kids in the house, so it’s a good idea to have a reliable mop-up product on hand. Most of our parent testers were very satisfied with Royale Tiger Towel and felt it offered good value, and all said they’d recommend it to other families. Likewise, when we asked if it was worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal, they unanimously said yes. Both our editors and parents were particularly impressed with this paper towel’s quality and ease of use, citing absorbency, strength, durability and cleaning effectiveness—what more could you ask for?

Tech Specs

  • 14.9 cm x 27.9 cm (5.9 in. x 11 in.)
  • 63 sheets