Paper towels

President's Choice Max Strength and Thickness

President's Choice Max Strength and Thickness

Best forFamilies on a budget with multiple children and multiple messes in a day

Top BenefitsFast absorbing, thick design for a magnitude of messes with sustainable resource initiatives

ConsiderationsLarge roll may not fit standard size holders

Bottom lineStrong and very thick, these paper towels are extremely absorbent and can be easily reused



  • Pick-a-size option to reduce waste
  • Sustainable forestry initiative
  • Durable enough to wring out and reuse


Let’s face it: Sometimes a paper towel is the only tool for the job (spilled milk, we’re looking at you). Often, the hunt is on to find a brand that's so tough and absorbent it can clean up any mess on any surface, and even be rinsed and reused. Our Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers put President's Choice Max Strength and Thickness paper towels through the wringer, and found their cleaning power and durability stood up to multiple children and their messes. It’s worth noting President's Choice Max Strength and Thickness paper towels are made of fibres from sustainably managed forests and feature smaller-than-standard sheets of paper towel.

Our lab tested President’s Choice Max Strength and Thickness paper towels against the soggiest conditions, and found the product held up, earning top marks for absorbency. During testing, our editors found one sheet of paper towel held just over 7 teaspoons of water without dripping (this was among the most absorbent paper towels we tested). And most of our parents found it was very easy to scrub a surface clean using this product. They all agreed that when rinsed and wrung out, the towels were just as effective as the first time they were used.

I have to clean up two messes and two messy children every mealtime—that’s six messes per day, plus any mess they make in between (spit up, spilled water or milk, etc.). These paper towels don’t fall apart before I’m done using them on one child, and I can use the same sheet over the whole day or longer.” —Fulya, mom of two

In terms of toughness, one wet piece of paper towel could hold 46 quarters in the lab before ripping. It fared less well against a teaspoon of jam on the carpet, shredding after three scrubs and entirely ripping after five (you might want to grab a cloth for such sticky situations).

When faced with an upended cup of juice or a wriggling baby covered in mashed peas, you don’t want to be struggling with a paper towel roll. The majority of our parent testers found it very easy to tear a single sheet from President's Choice Max Strength and Thickness with no ripping, as did our editors in the lab. Doing so with one hand was a little more difficult. Parents noted that the mega size of the roll means you won’t be replenishing the holder so often, but it may be too large to fit on a standard size paper towel holder.

These towels exceeded my expectations! They pick up liquids like a vacuum, I can't believe how nonabsorbent the ones I was using before were! I'm definitely going to be buying these again!” —Natalie, mom of two

Our parent testers tackled messes both big and small on various surfaces, and found President's Choice Max Strength and Thickness paper towels performed well, whether wet or dry. The majority of parents could clean up a substantial spill with only one sheet.


Our parent testers gave President’s Choice Max Strength and Thickness paper towels top marks for how easy they are to use, and their overall quality and value, given that they can be reused. One parent commented that she washed multiple pans with the same sheet and then rinsed and reused it again later. (Our lab results back up those findings, as the durable sheets held up under very soggy conditions.) Our parent testers would definitely purchase this product and recommend it to other families, especially those with multiple children. They did appreciate its overall absorbency and durability, and how long one roll lasted. Those qualities earned President’s Choice Max Strength and Thickness paper towels the Today’s Parent Approved seal, for their ability to soak up lots of spills and be reused multiple times.

Tech Specs

    27.9 cm x 15.2 cm (10.9 in. x 5.9 in.)
    175 sheets

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