Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier

Best forFamilies looking for an easy-to-use, budget-conscious way to increase moisture levels in a small space such as a nursery or bedroom

Top BenefitsSimple settings (one central knob), highly portable, easy-fill water tank, auto shut-off

ConsiderationsVery basic, no internal humidistat or thermostat, no remote or pre-programmed settings

Bottom lineIf you’re looking for a simple solution to dry air in a small space, the Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier is effective, well made and easy to use right out of the box, and offers great value, too.


walmart.caCAD $39.99
bestbuy.comUSD $29.99


  • Runs up to 20 hours per filling
  • 1.25 gallons of mist output per day
  • Automatically shuts off when tank is empty


Are you plagued by itchy eyes, nose bleeds and static shock? Dry air might be the culprit—and using a humidifier in your home could be the solution. With its budget-friendly price point and user-friendly design, the Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier is a great place to start. Although it comes with a detailed instruction manual, both our editors and family testers agreed that it wasn’t necessary to get this super-simple humidifier up and running. The set up and operation are very intuitive; you simply fill the tank with water, plug it in and turn the central dial. It is worth noting that the central dial, while convenient, can also make it challenging to set a specific humidity level.

There is only one dial to adjust and set, which makes it easy to use, but it’s not really conducive to personalized settings.” —Laura, mom of one

Despite its simplicity, the Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier gets the job done effectively—and quietly. In our lab, it had the highest total output (conversion of water to mist) of all the humidifiers tested (albeit, it's designed for a small space and we had it running in a very large room). It also had one of the lowest noise levels, and there was no noticeable change in volume when the machine was switched from its lowest to its highest setting. Editors and parents alike also praised the Honeywell humidifier’s size, noting that it doesn’t take up much space and is easily portable. All of our testers agreed that the unit was built of quality materials that would last, and said that its cute design fit easily into their decor.

I like the design and the size. It reminds me of something you would see at a spa.” —Louise, mom of one

The Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier’s small stature is one of the reasons it is so easy to fill. Our editors had no issues filling the reservoir in a standard sink thanks to the tank's compact dimensions and the 3-inch wide opening. The unit also has an auto-shut-off, so you'll never have to worry about it being a fire hazard if the tank runs dry. Cleaning this humidifier is not quite as simple as filling it up, however. The manual recommends a two-step process be performed weekly: Soak with white vinegar to remove scale, rinse, and then soak with bleach and water to disinfect. Thankfully, the Honeywell doesn't have any kind of filter to clean, so that's one less step to worry about.

Though some of our parents commented that they wished the Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier offered a few options for programming and humidity-monitoring, most appreciated the simplicity of the machine and its ability to effectively accomplish its primary task: Add moisture to the air. You can see the vapour shooting out of the top, which one parent tester said she liked because she knew that it was working.  Don't worry if your curious toddler takes an interest in the water; Honeywell's ultrasonic technology produces a cool mist that's safe for little hands.


When it comes to value and output, the Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier can’t be beat: it’s a budget-friendly and efficient way to combat dry air in a small space. Across the board, our editors and parent testers loved how easy it was to set up and use (no complicated instructions, no learning curve), and parents unanimously agreed they would recommend this humidifier to other families. When you're looking for a simple, fuss-free solution to dry air in a bedroom or nursery, the Honeywell MistMate Cool Mist Humidifier is a practical solution that won't break the bank.

Tech Specs

    Ideal for small rooms, up to 150 sq. ft.
    Simple dial for adjusting mist speed
  • SIZE
    8.57 x 8.15 x 8.90 in.

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