Dish soap

Method Dish Soap

Method Dish Soap

Best forParents looking for an aromatic dish soap that effortlessly dismantles stuck-on food

Top BenefitsBiodegradable, tough on grease, easy to dispense

ConsiderationsNot available at all major retailers

Bottom lineMethod dish soap is a biodegradable soap that effortlessly removes caked-on foods and grease from your dishes to make them look, feel, and smell clean again


well.caCAD $4.99


  • Biodegradable
  • Pump dispenser
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Not tested on animals


Dish soap is a kitchen sink sidekick, but finding one that lifts grease and caked-on food without drying out your hands can be a challenge. Method Dish Soap does the trick of fighting grime without a lot of scrubbing effort or damage to your skin. It also has several scents to choose from to keep everything smelling fresh without overwhelming your senses—the clementine scent was a hit with the Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers alike. Biodegradable and equipped with a pump for ease of use, Method Dish Soap's grime-fighting capabilities impressed our parent testers and editors.


Favourite foods like mac and cheese and peanut butter are less fun when they're dried on to cutlery, plates and so much more. To test the power of Method Dish Soap in the Todays Parent Approved lab, our editors got dishes and silverware dirty with hard-to-clean foods and left them to sit overnight. After a five-minute soak in soapy water, they noticed that most of each mess lifted right off, with thicker spots requiring a bit of a scrub. Our parent testers had a similar experience. The majority of them were able to remove crusted-on foods and greasy messes without too much scrubbing. Even pulpy juice glasses and cheese graters were easy to clean with Method Dish Soap. As for the rinsing part of the process, easy-peasy. Leaving behind no streaks or spots, Method performed solidly for our parent testers and in the TPA lab, all while being gentle on hands.

I am starting to think more about how my activities impact our environment so I really like that this product is biodegradable. The clementine smell was very pleasant, and it lathered up easily. I had no trouble cleaning my dishes.” —Joyce, mom of one

A powerful dish soap with a smartly designed bottle almost seems too good to be true. Dispensing Method Dish Soap is incredibly easy and controllable thanks to the bottle’s handy pump. Unlocking prior to use involves a simple twist of the neck, but locking results in a bit of product waste, as you have you push down and twist the neck in order to engage the lock, losing some of the soap in the process. Despite this, none of our parent testers reported any difficulties getting things to work. Added bonus: The slim neck of the bottle makes it easy to grip, wet or dry. The bottle's curved shape and average height makes storing it easy, whether on the counter or under the sink.

The pump allowed the bottle to stay cleaner on my counter and I was impressed by how well the soap cleaned my dishes. The bottle lasted a long time for my family, and we hand wash dishes multiple times a day.” —Chantal, mom of three

The majority of our parent testers felt that Method Dish Soap was comparable to other brands they’ve used in the past, rating its quality and ease of use as very good. The fact that it measures up to other products and has a biodegradable formula were factors in their saying that it’s worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal. While our parent testers felt the price could be friendlier, the dish soap's eco-friendly aspects, gentleness on hands and delicious scent adds to its value, and the Today’s Parent Approved editors agree. Easy to use and effective against the grime of daily dishes without being harsh on skin, Method Dish Soap is a trusty kitchen companion.

This article was originally published on Apr 09, 2018

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