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The Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

The Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

Best forParents looking for a plant-based surface spray that will leave your home smelling fresh and clean

Top BenefitsNatural ingredients, biodegradable formula, light scent

ConsiderationsHas a natural fragrance from essential oils

Bottom lineThe Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner is a safe, eco-friendly, and lightly scented surface spray that delivers a powerful clean


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honest.comUSD $3.99


  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Naturally repels dust with citrus oils
  • Free of ammonia, chlorine, bleach and dyes
  • Not tested on animals


Parents looking for a natural all-purpose cleaner need look no further: We’ve done the dirty work and tested a wide variety of surface sprays to find out which ones are the most effective. The Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner wowed our Today’s Parent Approved editors and our parent testers. Not only did it wipe away messes, but this plant-based biodegradable cleaner (free of ammonia, chlorine, bleach and dyes) is also safe to use around kids—a feature our parent testers were particularly impressed with. While fragranced products aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, there were no complaints about the spray’s soft white grapefruit scent, which our editors even described as “refreshing.”

In the Today's Parent Approved lab, our editors tested this surface spray on smears of vegetable oil, jam and crayon marks. How effective was one spray of the Honest Company cleaner in combating these messes? Even the most artistic crayon scribble on a white wall is no match, although leaving the spray sit a while on the marks makes them easier to clean up. The oil also came off easily, with 10 swipes of one paper towel, as did most of the jam. While a bit of sticky residue was left behind with the jam test, our Today’s Parent Approved editors didn’t notice any streaks on the tested surfaces—a definite plus. 

Our parent testers helped us out by trying this surface spray on day-to-day messes: post-mealtime muck on tables and high chairs, dirty countertops, finger-printed appliances, soap scum buildup and crud in the bathroom sink. Overall, they were happy with the cleaning power of the multi-surface spray. Based on our parent testers responses, the product seems most effective at cleaning sticky and greasy messes, laminate counters and stovetops, as well as removing dust from surfaces. Another plus? Parents found that the rooms in their homes looked and felt clean and refreshed after using this product. Not one reported any streaks or residue left behind on the surfaces.

I thought I would have to scrub a bit harder with the natural ingredients, but I didn't. It took care of most things with the first spray. I had to spray a second time for really caked-on food or marker on the walls and table.” —Carolyn, mom of two

The Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner is very simple to use, with concise directions. The bottle includes a bullet-point list of all the surfaces you can use this cleaner on (such as counters, toys, high chairs, walls, wood, floors, porcelain, granite, electronics). One parent tester noted that it would be helpful to have a list of surfaces the product should not be used on. The instructions also don’t offer specific advice on how to tackle tougher messes. That being said, one parent noted that it works great on tough messes that have been there for a couple of weeks. The bottle is easy to unlock (and lock), comfortable to hold and doesn't drip. Plus, it delivers a generous spray that covers a wide surface area.

I really loved this product. Even though I usually lean toward more natural products, I’m still concerned about some brands. I had no concerns about this one and loved that I could hand it to my eager-to-clean son to help. And I was impressed that it cleaned better than most natural cleaners.” —Carolyn, mom of two

Both our Today’s Parent Approved editors and parent testers were impressed by the power of the Honest Company Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner. It’s an effective surface spray that leaves the house feeling and smelling fresh—without the use of harsh chemicals. The product is easy to use, and our parent testers felt it offers good value, thanks to its overall quality, quick cleanup action and minimal environmental impact (it’s also not tested on animals). Our parent testers unanimously agreed they would buy the product again, recommend it to friends and family, and award it the Today’s Parent Approved seal of approval. 

Tech Specs

    769 mL (26 fl. oz.)

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