Introducing Today’s Parent Mealtime: Our new meal-planning app

Hey, what’s for dinner tonight? With our new Mealtime app, you’ll never stress about that question again.

The thing is, kids need to eat. Every. Single. Day. Actually pulling that off all of the planning, shopping and cooking can be super stressful. So we—parents who have to make dinner nightly just like you—designed Mealtime to make it all as fast and stress-free as possible. It’s no dinner robot, but it’s pretty damn smart. Here are the top-5 features that will keep you coming back for seconds.

1. Favourites Every day we serve up a curated selection of recipes and collections based on seasonality, trending ingredients and what’s most popular. We hope they inspire you. See one you like, and think the kids might actually eat? Just tap on the plus sign to add to your meal plan, or tap on the heart to save to your favourites.

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Favourites

2. Collections
 Want to hoard all our smoothie recipes? Need to start planning that brunch in advance? Or want to keep a file of the meals your family likes most? This is the place. Like a virtual recipe box, you can organize your favourite recipes any way you like: By course, season, ingredient, or whatever clever name you happen to come up with.

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Collections

3. Custom Recipes
 Under this tab, you can add and store your own personal recipes. This is where you’d put Grandma’s meatball recipe, your regular taco night game plan, or even a link to a recipe on another website (it’s ok, we forgive you). The benefit to getting them out of your brain and into our app: You can slot them into your meal plan and send all ingredients to your grocery list.

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Custom Recipes

4. Meal Plan
 Simple truth: A week of planned meals goes more smoothly and happily than a week with no plan. Don’t go rogue! Use this tool to plan Monday through Sunday—or Wednesday to Tuesday, it’s your choice. Tap + to add recipes and move them around to organize your days. Email or text the plan to your partner so you’re both on the same page.

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Meal Plan

5. Grocery List
 From single items to every ingredient in your meal plan, this is your easily edit-able master shopping list. Share it by text or email.

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Grocery List

Find more details on Today’s Parent Mealtime here and download the app today!

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