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Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray

Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray

Best forParents looking for a heavy-duty household cleaner that can tackle grime in the kitchen and bacteria in the bathroom

Top BenefitsDoes not contain bleach, kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, easily cleans grease, jam and crayon

ConsiderationsNot safe for surfaces that may come in contact with food

Bottom lineClorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and effortlessly cuts through grease, grime, dirt, soap scum and odours, leaving behind a streak-free finish.



  • Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria
  • Prevents dirt and soap scum build up
  • Cuts through grease and grime
  • Bleach free formula


Where there are kids, there will be messes—which is why you need a good all-purpose surface spray. In the Today’s Parent Approved lab, our editors put Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray through the wringer to see how it performed against a variety of familiar messes (crayon on the counter, anyone?). We found it to be effective at remedying many grimy situations, from soap scum in the bathroom to grease splatters in the kitchen, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Every one of our parent testers said Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray performed better than other all-purpose surface sprays they had tried before. Able to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria without bleach, this product is safe to use on high chairs (except the tray), diaper pails, change tables and hard crib parts—just be sure to thoroughly wipe down surfaces with water after cleaning to ensure all the residue has been removed. (As with most chemical household cleaners, this spray can be dangerous if ingested.)

In the Today’s Parent Approved lab, our editors unleashed their inner toddler, whipping up some major messes with crayons, jam and cooking oil on a textured laminate countertop. With its strong one-spritz game, Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray removed all the muck (although an additional squirt was needed to completely dissolve the stickiness left by the jam). Perhaps most impressive, no scrubbing was required to eliminate the crayon—the waxy colour disappeared with just a few swipes. In a separate crayon test, we scribbled on a white wall to see if the spray would remove the doodles. It did, and our editors suggest leaving the spray on for a little while to make removal even easier and faster.

Our parent testers experienced similar results, reporting the spray effectively removed soap-scum buildup from bathroom tile, trapped dust and cleaned a greasy, food-splattered stovetop. They also found Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner Spray removed stains from countertops and walls, and left rooms with an overall “freshened up” feel. Our editors did notice that the spray dries quickly, so be sure to wipe it up promptly to avoid any streaks.

It looks and smells clean which I love for hard surfaces (fridge, counters, kitchen sink, etc...)." -Kate, mom of one

When it came to ease of use, our editors appreciated the instructions on the back of the bottle. They're thorough and include step-by-step directions for various uses, as well as a list of surfaces to avoid (including those that come in contact with food). All of our parent testers found the instructions easy to understand and follow. They also agreed that gripping the bottle and dispensing the spray was a piece of cake: The package design is contoured to fit the shape of a hand, making it super grippable. Our editors noted that the spray disperses in a concentrated stream, so you may want to hold the nozzle a few inches away from your target.

Once its nozzle is locked, Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray stays contained, even when the pump is squeezed. Like all cleaning products, it should be stored securely away from kids. Our editors and parent testers alike found it easy to lock the bottle and keep it neat and tidy (that means no leaks), keeping little ones safe.


Our parent testers and editors were impressed with Clorox's ability to remove grease, grime and staining quickly and effortlessly. When asked how they would rate its overall ease of use, quality and value, our testers unanimously agreed it ranked well above average. In fact, none of them would hesitate to recommend this product to other families and they would purchase it for themselves the next time they’re in need of an all-purpose surface spray. From the bathroom to the kitchen, Clorox All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray proved itself a reliable household cleaner, worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal.

This is a great overall surface cleaner for every day spills and stains. I have a busy house with two young children and I find this is an easy spray to grab and wipe. Things really feel clean after using it and the scent is not overpowering." -Fiona, mom of two

Tech Specs

    Canada: 946 mL

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