Liberté Greek Yogurt

Liberté Greek Yogurt

Best forA creamy, protein packed treat

Top Benefits7 grams of protein, recyclable container, thick texture slows down spills

ConsiderationsNot a source of vitamin D

Bottom lineLiberte Greek yogurt is great at getting more protein and calcium into a sweet tooth's diet


liberte.caCAD $3.97


  • Made without preservatives or additives
  • Contains no artificial colouring
  • Gelatin-free
  • Made with real fruit


What’s sweet, creamy and loaded with calcium? Liberté Greek yogurt. Sold in packs of four in an array of flavours like strawberry and banana, black cherry, lemon and coconut, this yogurt has become a fan favourite for a lot of reasons. All of our kid testers were fans of its thicker texture and level of sweetness, and their parents felt really good about giving Liberté Greek yogurt to their kids. Once open, all it needs is a quick stir to get the fruit more evenly distributed and then you’ve got a quick snack for the kiddo on-the-go. It's worth noting that the thicker consistency makes it great for spilly kids. You can tip this yogurt cup upside down without spilling any.

The fat content and the creaminess of the yogurt and it's overall flavor was a hit in our household. I felt good about giving the yogurt to my kids.” —Samantha, mother of two.

Our Today's Parent Approved lab testing started with a nutritional analysis. We sent registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom the nutritional information and ingredients without revealing each yogurt’s identity so she could perform a blind analysis. We had Rosenbloom look at 100-gram servings of strawberry yogurt (a classic, kid-friendly flavour) and had her focus her attention on the quality of the ingredients and sugar, protein, calcium and vitamin D content. It's worth noting that Greek yogurts contain 4 grams (one teaspoon) of sugar naturally; anything over and above that would be considered added sugar.

Each 100-gram serving of Liberté Greek yogurt contains 11 grams of sugar (equivalent to 2¾ teaspoons), seven grams of protein and 10 percent of the recommended daily calcium intake. All of our parent testers were happy with this yogurt’s protein and calcium, as well as its probiotic count, and they feel it makes for a healthy breakfast and daytime snack.

Kid-friendly packaging is important, and the majority of our parent testers said that their kids were able to open up a Liberté Greek yogurt without any help. The sturdy container and peel-top makes it portable enough to throw in your kid’s lunch, and although the container design is on the plain side, the fact that it's recyclable is a big plus. (We were pretty surprised that a lot of yogurt containers aren't recyclable.)

Price is an important factor for a lot of families, and it's a key element in our decision around which products get the Today's Parent Approved seal. At $1.00 per serving, Liberté Greek yogurt is on the high end of the price range of the yogurts we tested, but it's quite average for a Greek yogurt (they just cost more). Our parent testers felt that its nutritional benefits are worth the cost, and we agree.

Final word

Liberté Greek’s size and nutritional value were major sellers for our parent testers and none of them would hesitate to go out and buy it again. Our parent testers said they'd recommend this yogurt to other parents (a sound endorsement) and felt it deserved the Today’s Parents Approved seal. In our lab testing, it scored well nutritionally and we appreciated that the container is sturdy and recyclable. With all the nutritional benefits plus a sweet flavour, it's a great option to pop in your kid's lunch bag—or your own.

Tech Specs

  • Servings
    4 x 100 grams
  • Nutrition (per container)
    90 calories
    1.5 g fat
    11 g carbohydrates
    11 g sugars
    7 g protein
    Calcium: 10% daily value
This article was originally published on Sep 19, 2017

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