IÖGO Proteine Greek Yogurt

IÖGO Proteine Greek Yogurt

Best forOlder kids and parents looking for a protein- and calcium-rich snack

Top Benefits10 grams of protein per serving, added calcium (calcium citrate), free of preservatives

ConsiderationsMay spill easily when opened

Bottom lineIÖGO Proteine is packed with protein, calcium and vitamin D, and comes in a larger-than-average serving size that's ideal for older kids and parents


iogo.caCAD $3.99


  • Available in four flavours: vanilla, black cherry, key lime and chocolate
  • Free of preservatives, gelatin and gluten
  • Added calcium (calcium citrate) provides 24% of the recommended daily intake for calcium


Not only does IÖGO Proteine Greek Yogurt have the protein you’d expect given the product's name, it's also fortified, offering a whopping 30 percent of the daily recommended intake of calcium, and 20 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin D in each 125-gram serving. Free of preservatives, this subtly sweet and pleasantly tangy yogurt is available in four flavours: vanilla, black cherry, key lime and chocolate. While picky eaters may take some time to warm up to the yogurt’s texture (some kids aren't fans of fruit pieces), most of our kid testers enjoyed the yogurt’s consistency. Meanwhile, our parent testers liked the taste and consistency of the yogurt, and all of them said they felt good about feeding it to their kids and eating it themselves.

I really enjoy the smooth velvet texture and the consistency, which is not too thick for a Greek yogurt. The individual portion size makes it a convenient snack with high protein content that really fills me up!”—Katisha, mom of two

To analyze the nutrition of each yogurt, we called in registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom and had her conduct a blind nutritional analysis of all our single-serve yogurts—that means no brands or labels, just the nutritional information and ingredients lists (we adjusted all the servings to 100-gram portions so all things were equal). Rosenbloom focused mainly on the quality of ingredients and the sugar, protein, calcium and vitamin D content in each yogurt. When it comes to sugar in yogurts, it's worth noting that 100 grams of plain Greek yogurt contains four grams of naturally occurring sugar; anything above that in a flavoured yogurt would be considered added sugar.

The 125-gram serving of IÖGO Proteine is packed with 10 grams of protein—the most of any yogurt we tested, but that's mainly because of the larger serving size. All our parent testers liked IÖGO Proteine’s serving size, but it’s good to keep in mind that while a larger serving size can mean more protein and calcium in one snack, it also often means more sugar. The vanilla, black cherry and key lime flavours have 16 grams of sugars, which amounts to three teaspoons of added sugar per serving. (Note: The chocolate flavour has 18 grams of sugar and is higher in calories.) Still, all of our parent testers were happy with the nutritional content of IÖGO Proteine, and most said they were pleased by the calorie, carbohydrate and fat content, as well as the probiotic count, for their kids. Most of our testers felt that this yogurt would make a healthy breakfast, lunch or daytime snack.

Packaged in a sturdy, stout container, IÖGO Proteine is super portable—all but one of our parent testers found it easy to pack in their kids’ lunch (that tester noted the cup is too large for her kid’s lunchbox). During our lab tests, we found the container somewhat tough to open as the pull tab was quite small; it would be difficult for little hands to grip and pull on their own. That said, none of our parent testers found their kids had a hard time digging into this yogurt. It's also worth noting that IÖGO Proteine isn't as thick as other Greek yogurts, which could be a plus if your kid prefers a thinner consistency. Of course, this means that if the container tips over, a messy spill is more likely. One thing many parents may not realize is the IÖGO Proteine containers aren't recyclable, which could be a deal-breaker for some families.

The packaging for the yogurt was great for packing. We took them with us to the cottage and we were able to fit them in our cooler with extra space for other items”—Sylvan, dad of three

Price is an important consideration for families, and it factors into our decisions around which products earn the Today's Parent Approved seal. IÖGO Proteine runs at $1.00 per serving, and while this is on the higher end of the yogurt price range, it's about average for a Greek yogurt. Given the nutrition this yogurt offers, all of our testers felt that IÖGO Proteine offered good value for money.

Final Word

Our parent testers all said they would they purchase IÖGO Proteine for their family and would recommend it to other parents—the ultimate recommendation. Overall, they noted that it's a good quality product, and they said it's easy to use, so it's no surprise they also all feel it's worthy of the Today’s Parent Approved seal. We couldn't agree more. With its larger serving size, this Greek yogurt is a great option for a protein-rich snack for older kids and parents alike.

Tech Specs

  • Servings
    4 x 125 grams
  • Nutrition (per container)
    110 calories
    0 g fat
    17 g carbohydrates
    16 g sugars
    10 g protein
    Vitamin A: 6% daily value
    Vitamin C: 2% daily value
    Calcium: 30% daily value
    Vitamin D: 20% daily value
This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2017

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