Great Value Stirred Yogurt Variety Pack

Great Value Stirred Yogurt Variety Pack

Best forFamilies looking for a quality, budget-friendly yogurt

Top BenefitsBudget-friendly price, source of calcium, good source of vitamin D, recyclable container

ConsiderationsContains colour, cups can break apart unevenly, resulting in rough edges around top

Bottom lineGreat Value Stirred Yogurt is a good option for parents looking for a healthy snack option at a budget-friendly price


walmart.caCAD $4.27


  • Made with skim milk
  • Active bacterial cultures


Silky, smooth and not too sweet, Great Value Stirred Yogurt is a budget-friendly snack that packs in a lot of nutrition: it has four grams of protein, is a source of calcium and vitamin B12, and a good source of vitamin D, riboflavin and phosphorus. Available in multi-packs of 16, in flavour combos like field berry, vanilla and peach, this stirred yogurt comes ready to eat in cups that are easy for little kids to open. The family that tested this yogurt agreed they felt good eating and giving it to their kids. And the kids were fans of the taste and creamy consistency.

To rate the nutrition of all the yogurts we tested, we called on registered dietician Cara Rosenbloom to conduct a blind nutritional analysis—that means looking at only the nutritional information and ingredients list for each yogurt (no brands or labels). She looked at 100-gram servings of each yogurt, focusing on the quality of the ingredients and the sugar, protein, calcium and vitamin D content. When it comes to sugar, it's worth noting that a 100-gram serving of plain regular yogurt (non-Greek) contains six grams (or 1½ teaspoons) of natural sugar, so anything on top of that is considered added sugar.

In every 100-gram serving of Great Value Stirred Yogurt, you'll be getting 12 grams of sugar (that’s three teaspoons), four grams of protein, 10 percent of your daily value for calcium and 15 percent of your daily value for vitamin D. Our family of testers were particularly happy with the amount of calcium in this yogurt, and were pleased with the probiotic count, as well as the amount of sugar, protein and vitamin D. They felt that Great Value Stirred Yogurt made for a healthy addition to meals, as well as a good snack.

"It's a good serving size—not too much or too dense for one serving. And I like that it's not too tangy." —Mandy, mom of two

Great Value Stirred Yogurt comes in containers that are a good size for small hands and sturdy enough to survive in your kid’s lunch bag. In our lab tests, we found the pull-tab pretty easy to open, and our tester family agreed, saying it was somewhat easy for their kids to open the container on their own. We also found that rough edges can form when you snap apart the cups. On the plus side, the containers are recyclable (we were surprised to find that wasn't the case with several yogurts).

Price is top of mind when a lot of families are grocery shopping, and it's a guiding factor in deciding which products should receive the Today's Parent Approved seal. With a cost-per-serving of $0.27—one of the lowest that we tested—Great Value Stirred Yogurt offers really good value for money.

Final word

Our tester family was impressed with Great Value Stirred Yogurt, telling us that they'd purchase this yogurt, and that they feel it's worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal. Nutritionally, it's quite similar to a lot of other regular, non-Greek yogurts, and it's got one of the lowest price points out there, making it good value for your money. Of course, half the battle is getting kids to eat what you put in their lunch bag. With a not-overly-sweet, just-slightly-tangy taste and a smooth consistency punctuated by very small fruit pieces (and the odd whole blueberry), it packs in everything that kids typically like best.

Tech Specs

  • Servings
    16 x 100 grams
  • Nutrition (per container)
    90 calories
    1.5 g fat
    15 g carbohydrates
    12 g sugars
    4 g protein
    Calcium: 10% daily value
    Vitamin D: 15% daily value
    Riboflavin: 15% daily value
    Vitamin B12: 10% daily value
    Phosphorus: 15% daily value
    Magnesium: 4% daily value

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