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Fluff Trough Review: A Game-Changer for Home Hygiene

Have a dog at home? This promises mess-free feeding.

Fluff Trough Review: A Game-Changer for Home Hygiene

Bryce Gruber

If you're lucky enough to have a dog at home in addition to your human little ones, you already know how important hygiene is. The last thing you need is dog food strewn about the floor so your picky-eating toddler ends up noshing on kibble instead of broccoli. (Hey—we've all been there).

The new Fluff Trough dog feeder is a total game-changer for busy families with dogs and kids, promising a mess-free environment that parents everywhere can get excited about. Plus, it makes one of the best gifts for dog moms.

What is a Fluff Trough?

A Fluff Trough is a raised dog bowl slow feeder designed to keep food in the feeder and off your floors. It slows down your pet's eating, reduces back and neck strain and eliminates kibble and mush flying around your floors. An ergonomic design supports healthy, natural digestive patterns while keeping fall-out to an absolute minimum.

fluff trough dog feeder Bryce Gruber

As if less kibble on your floors wasn't convincing enough, the Fluff Trough feeder is dishwasher safe and uses brilliant, flexible silicone inserts to keep everything as hygienic as paw-sible (see what we did there?). That's great news if you have little humans running around, because the last thing you want is them taking nibbles of their furry buddy's kibble from the floor and under furniture. Uch, right?

Our Fluff Trough review

I should start by saying my dogs are notoriously messy and picky eaters, something that has irked me for the longest time. I've spent whole days of my life and small fortunes investigating dog food options and feeders just to get these two little poodle mixes to actually like their food. I had no idea it would just take giving them the right feeding vessel.

While both the flat bowl-style Fluff Trough and the lick mat options were big hits with my doodles, it became clear on day one that the latter was strongly preferred. It turned typical grain-free dry food and fresh ingredients into games they just couldn't resist. For the first time since they were puppies, their food bowls were licked clean!


In fact, I actually measured the difference between their old stainless steel floor bowls and the Fluff Trough. My aussiedoodle (one of the larger breeds of dogs I've been lucky enough to have), left dozens of kibble bits strewn about the floor when I fed her from her original bown. My toddler managed to pick up and play with these gnarly food bits—ugh.

fluff trough review Bryce Gruber

At the next meal, I used the same amount of food in her new Fluff Trough. A total of four bits of kibble made it to the floor, and every other morsel was finished.

The difference in mess levels was remarkable, and enough to get me to swear off floor bowls for the rest of time. How did I ever live so long without this brilliant raised dog bowl? Beats me. Those were the dark ages, I swear.

What we liked about the Fluff Trough

  • Hygienic removable silicone tray
  • Keeps floors mess-free and more hygienic
  • Optional lick mat-style insert makes typical dog food seem more game-like for my dogs, and for the first time in years they ate both kibble and fresh food without looking annoyed with me for serving them non-steaks
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Designed for flat face dog breeds, but works really well with just about any type of dog—mine are poodle mixes
  • BPA-free, food-safe materials
  • Easy to clean

Things to consider

  • It's a little pricey when compared to other dog bowls and feeders, but it's well worth every penny
  • No stainless steel option on Amazon yet (the plastic and silicone materials are high quality though)

Final verdict

The Fluff Trough is an absolute must-have for busy homes with messy dogs. If you're already committed to entryway rugs and carpet cleaners like the Bissell Little Green Machine, adding this brilliant contraption to your dog's dinner scene is non-negotiable.


TL;DR: We are obsessed and don't even want to remember life before these seemingly simple bowls that solve fairly complex problems. It's that good.

Where to buy a Fluff Trough

For now, the best places to get your own Fluff Trough are either Amazon or Chewy, where the clever pet feeder sells for about $50. Both sites offer a range or colors and a choice between the corrugated lick pads or the flat, traditional bowl-style feeders. Hurry up, though—popular colors are bound to sell out!

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This article was originally published on May 02, 2023

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