25 Best Gifts for Dog Moms Paw-fect for Mother’s Day 2023

It's im-paws-ible not to love these adorable gifts for dog moms.

By Francie Lane

25 Best Gifts for Dog Moms Paw-fect for Mother’s Day 2023

Catherine Falls Commercial/ Getty Images

We rounded up our current favorite gifts for dog moms who are active, trendy and extra-tidy. From a bicycle basket that holds your pup to a doggy raincoat patterned with rubber ducks, you’re sure to find something perfect for whatever kind of dog momma in the list below.

Remember: Mother’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of mothers, including those with fur kids and those deserving of first Mother's Day gifts.

What are the best gifts for dog moms?

Dog mommas have a special bond with our furry babies. They’re adorable and snuggly, and they make us laugh—even if that laughter is at the expense of a new pair of shoes or a chewed-through rug.

Often, dogs are like children to us, so it’s important to honor the dog mommas in your life this Mother’s Day. Maybe honoring them looks like a quick text, a cup of coffee or a thoughtful gift like the Little Green Machine that will clean up after their pup’s messes. Whatever route you decide to go, we are here to help with our list of the best gifts for dog moms. It's im-paws-ible not to love these.

Best for the Clean-Freak Dog Mom

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Best gifts for new moms, angry orange pet odor eliminator Merchant

Okay, you may not immediately think “giftable” when you click on this product but let me (and over 170,000 Amazon reviewers) assure you: This is the ultimate gift for the dog momma who loves dogs but is also a clean freak. A little goes a long way with this pet odor eliminator.

It targets strong, lingering smells (yes, even pet accidents) and leaves behind the clean citrus scent of orange peels. Throw it in a gift basket for the dog mom who just got a new puppy and pet-sto!

Best for the Dog Mom Who Likes Things Personalized

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Blanket

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Blanket, best gifts for dog moms Merchant

Tired of your dog stealing your blanket? Get them a personalized dog blanket on Amazon. This one is available in two colors and three sizes, with four different fonts and design offerings. The washable, micro-mink blanket is perfect for cars and puppy travel and is truly one of the best unique gifts for dog moms.

Did we mention how cute the paw print design is? Swoon!

Best for the Funny Dog Mom

MilkToast Funny Dog People Pens

MilkToast Funny Dog People Pens, best gifts for dog moms Merchant

“I work hard so my dog can have nice things.” We all know someone who lives to spoil their dog, and these pens are made for them, especially if they work an office or desk job. One pack includes five ballpoint pens with five different hilarious phrases any dog mom will find relatable.

Best for the Dog Mom with an Aggressive Chewer

Benebone Wishbone

Benebone Wishbone,, best gifts for dog moms Merchant

A bestseller in dog chew toys on Amazon, the Benebone Wishbone is made for pups who love to chew, chew, chew. It’s super cute because it’s shaped like a real wishbone but will last dogs much longer than natural bones. Snag it in one of three dog-friendly flavors: Bacon, chicken and peanut butter!

Best for the Active Dog Mom

Voyager Step-In Harness and Leash Combo

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness, best gifts for dog moms Merchant

Know a friend whose dog harness is starting to look worn and tattered? Gift them the Voyager Step-In Harness. It’s made of all-weather neoprene and has reflective detailing to keep dogs safe on walks, no matter what time of day or night. Amazon offers several different color combinations, and you can even bundle in a matching five-foot leash.

Best for the Dog Mom Whose Pup Plays in the Mud

Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Best gifts for dog moms, Earth Rated Dog Wipes Merchant

These plant-based dog wipes are compostable, gentle and cruelty-free! They’re great to keep on hand for those moments when your dog decides to roll their back in something smelly—you know what I’m talking about. Earth Rated Dog Wipes are alcohol- and paraben-free, and they’re meant to be gentle enough for daily use.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Spoils Her Dog

Lambchop Dog Toy

Lambchop Dog Toy, best gifts for dog moms Merchant

Yes, dogs love Shari Lewis’ treasured lamb too! This plush Lambchop toy will look adorable between any paws. Dogs will love the inner squeaker for fun playtime, too. Lambchop may or may not have been your favorite childhood lamb, but it will be your pup’s.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Sleeps with Her Fur Baby

Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover

Best gifts for dog moms, Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket Merchant

This one is for the dog mom who lets her fur baby on the bed but also wants to keep her bedding clean. The Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover keeps dirt and liquids from getting onto a bed or sofa. Plus, it’s reversible, waterproof and machine washable.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Struggles with Bath Time

Top Paw Wall Distractor for Bathing and Grooming Dogs

Best gifts for dog moms, Top Paw Wall Distractor Merchant

This may be the gift of all dog gifts: A wall distractor for bathing dogs. It’s a silicone mat that holds your pup’s favorite spreadable treat (peanut butter) and suctions to the wall of your tub or shower so they can lick away while you scrub and brush. You and your dog will love not having to fuss over bath time.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Pampers

Top Paw Microfiber Pet Bath Towel

Best Gifts for Dog Moms, Top Paw Microfiber Pet Bath Towel Merchant

Make a dog bath gift basket with the wall distractor and this microfiber pet towel! This one is super absorbent and naturally antibacterial, and it dries fast. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use on your pup’s face and paws.

Best for the Organic Dog Mom

Native Pet Yak Chews

native pet yak chews, best gifts for dog moms Merchant

Reward good behavior with a high-protein, organic chew treat. Yak Chews are made with just three ingredients: Pasture-raised yak and cow’s milk, salt and lime juice. They're perfect gifts for dog moms thanks to minimal odor compared to rawhide treats and bully sticks. Oh, and they keep the most aggressive chewers occupied for hours.

Best for the Over-Protective Dog Mom

Wyze Cam Pan

Best gifts for dog moms, Wyze Cam Pan Merchant

This indoor/outdoor security camera works for front door monitoring, baby monitoring and—you guessed it—pet monitoring. The Cam Pan pans, tilts and zooms for livestream in the Wyze app. When the Cam Pan detects motion, it locks onto it to follow the action all around the room or outdoor area.

Night vision? No problem. This cam has color night vision and 24/7 continuous recording.

Best for the Dog Mom Whose Puppy Gets Out

Apple AirTag

Best gifts for dog moms, Apple AirTag Merchant

GPS trackers for your pet can be bulky and expensive. Loop an AirTag on their collar for precise tracking you can follow on your iPhone. Best of all? One AirTag is less than $30.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Needs to Keep Track of Her Pup

AirTag Dog Collar Holder

Best Gifts for Dog Moms, AirTag Dog Collar Holder Merchant

If you do decide to go the AirTag route, you’ll probably want to pick up one of these holders for around $10 on Amazon. They securely hold an Apple AirTag and have loops on each side to fit most standard-size collars. These AirTag holders are discrete and won’t irritate your dog’s neck.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Loves to Play Fetch

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Best gifts for dog moms, Chuckit! Ball Launcher Merchant

You don’t have to throw like a Major League pitcher to launch the ball far for your pup. The Chuckit! Ball Launcher does all the work for you, and it’s the perfect affordable gift for the dog mom with an energetic pup. Get one on Amazon (ball included) for $10.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Loves to Bike

Barkbay Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket

Best gifts for dog moms, Barkbay Pet Carrier Bicycle Basket Bag Merchant

If your dog is petite enough to carry at the front of your bike, then this Barkbay pet carrier is the perfect bicycle accessory. It’s easy to install right at the front of any bike, and it has a tether that attaches to your pup’s collar or harness to keep them safe and secure on rides through the park. It goes the extra mile by doubling as a pet convertible car seat!

Best for the Dog Mom Who Dresses Her Pup in Clothes

Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat

Best gifts for dog moms, Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat Merchant

How cute is your puppy going to look in this raincoat with little yellow ducks all over it? It’s water-resistant to make rain bead off your dog’s back, and belly straps keep the raincoat in place for better coverage. There’s a leash hole for easy access to any standard collar or harness. This ducky-decorated raincoat comes in seven sizes to fit almost any dog.

Best for the Dog Mom with A Stylish Home

Frisco Modern Gold Rim Ceramic Treat Jar

Best Gifts for Dog Moms, Frisco Modern Gold Rim Ceramic Treat Jar Merchant

A gift more for mom than for her dog, this modern ceramic treat jar with a gold accent lid looks stylish in any kitchen, mudroom or entryway. It’s available in seafoam green and deep-sea blue, and it holds up to five cups of your pup’s favorite treats.

If you want to complete your pup’s dinnerware line, there are bowls in matching colors available at Chewy, too.

Best for the Dog Mom Who Loves Socks

Jeasona Women’s Socks

Best gifts for dog moms, Jeasona Women’s Socks Merchant

French bulldogs, corgis and more! These adorably fun socks have three designs made with dog lovers in mind. They make wonderful gift ideas and gift-basket filler, and they’re comfortable, soft and machine-washable. Who doesn’t love funky socks for a dog lover?

Best for the Dog Mom with A Busy Puppy

Pet Parents Forager Snuffle Mat

Best gifts for new moms, Pet Parents Forager Snuffle Mat Merchant

This washable snuffle mat will keep dogs entertained for days. Food and treats get in between the fibers to slow down eating, increase food motivation and provide mental stimulation.

The mat has a drawstring to keep food and treats in place while on the go. It also has anti-slide backing, so pups can forage away without disruption. Dog owners love how tidy it keeps their homes.

Best for the Dog Mom with Lots of Toys

Coolaroo Dog Storage Bags

Best gifts for new moms, Coolaroo Dog Storage Bags Merchant

Keep your fur baby’s play area tidy with this set of dog toy storage bags made of material that is resistant to fleas, mites, mold and mildew. The bags’ knitted fabric is weather-resistant, too, so they can be used inside and outside. They collapse flat for storage too. Keep them in the car so your doggy has their toys anytime, anywhere!

Best for the Dog Mom Always on the Go

Avelora Portable Pet Water Bottle with Food Container

Best gifts for dog moms, Avelora Portable Pet Water Bottle with Food Container Merchant

Don’t let your dog get thirsty or hungry on long walks and hikes with this portable pet water bottle. The top of the bottle holds a small food storage container for kibble and treats that removes to make room for your dog to drink directly from the bottle. No more fumbling for small bowls or searching for water stations on walks! It's a great gift for the active dog mama in your life.

Best for the Posh Dog Mom

Park Life Designs Daze Dog Placemat

Best gifts for dog moms, Dog & Cat Placemat Merchant

Give the gift of clean floors with this posh doggy placemat that keeps splashes and spills off the floor. The marbled design is chic gold, and the non-slip mat is completely waterproof. Cleaning is a breeze—just rinse the mat under water or wipe it down to clean up any food and drink messes.

Best for the Dog Mom with a Smaller Dog

Frisco Tent-Covered Dog Bed

Best gifts for dog moms, Frisco Tent-Covered Dog Bed Merchant

Okay, this tent-covered bed may be the cutest thing ever. For the dog momma with a small to medium dog, gift this cozy hideaway that’s perfect for traveling and at-home use.

Puppers love a den-like space to curl up in and a super-soft cushion for naps. The cushion is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning, and the tent comes in two colors: beige and gray. It's one of the most practical gifts for dog lovers and one they'll use for years to come.

Best for the Trendy Dog Mom

Wild One Dog Treat Pouch

Best gifts of dog moms, Wild One Dog Treat Pouch Merchant

For the active dog mom who trains on walks and doggy-date outings, this stylish treat ouch is perfect. It has spacious compartments for treats, a waste bag dispenser and adjustable straps, so it can be worn as a fanny pack or crossbody bag.

We’re obsessed with the super-trendy seasonal colors orchid and limeade. The bag is made of 100% recycled material too, so you can feel good about choosing this sustainable pooch pouch.

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